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The right piece of jewellery can take a plain, boring outfit and turn it into something special, but picking the right pieces is harder than people realize. Jewellery should tie together an entire outfit and compliment all of the different pieces well, so it’s important to put a lot of thought into the pieces of jewellery that you buy and the outfits that you match them with. If you don’t really know where to start, here’s how you can pick the perfect piece of jewellery for any outfit. 

Consider The Neckline 
When you’re choosing a necklace, you always need to consider the neckline on your top or dress because they need to match up well. If you’re wearing something with a wide boat shaped neckline, a long pendant works well. But a long pendant doesn’t sit right with an outfit that has a square neckline. Instead, you need to go for something shorter with a smaller pendant on it. Turtlenecks are tricky and finding the right necklace can be tough, so it’s often best to leave it and focus on earrings and bracelets instead. These rules aren’t set in stone and you can experiment a little, but always make sure that you consider your neckline when choosing your jewellery. *This is a partnership post.

Match Bracelets And Rings To Sleeves 
When choosing bracelets and rings, it’s important to consider the sleeves on your outfit and match them with your jewellery. In general, the longer the sleeves are, the thinner and more subtle your bracelets and rings should be. That means that you should pick something elegant and understated like a stylish white gold ring (like these from Georg Jensen Jewellery) and a thin band if you’re wearing a long sleeved dress. But if you have a sleeveless dress, you can go with a thick leather cuff and some chunkier rings. It’s also important that you avoid overcrowding and go with a few good quality pieces. 

Match The Print On Your Outfit 
If you’re wearing a top or a dress with a strong pattern, you need to match the general shape of the jewellery to the shape of the print. For example, if you’re wearing a floral dress, you should avoid anything that is too square and angular. But if you have a striped top or dress, you want something that matches that shape and not things like big hooped earrings.

Less Is More With Formal Outfits 
If you’re getting dressed up to go to a formal event, you might decide that you want to make a statement with some bold jewellery, but that isn’t always the best choice. Most formal outfits tend to work better with simple, delicate jewellery like some small stud earrings or a thin gold chain. That way, the jewellery doesn’t take away from the rest of your outfit and it looks more understated and elegant. If you do want to wear a larger statement piece, it’s best just to choose one and skip the rest of the jewellery so the outfit isn’t too busy. 

If you stick to these basic rules, you should be able to find the perfect piece of jewellery to match any outfit.   

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