Monday 22 July 2019


Since I posted my first intermittent fasting (IF) journey (HERE), it warms my heart that people reach out to me and ask about how I did it and if I can tell them any tips and tricks. I am also grinning from ear to ear when one of Gab's family friends noticed that I lost weight from last Christmas. If anything, finding something that works for me has been a gift by itself, even if the progress is seemingly slow. Truth be told, I only lost barely a kilo from last month but the fact that my weight is not yoyo-ing is enough reason to rejoice. I've been doing IF for almost five months and I'm incorporating less carbs in my diet. Less simple carbs to be exact. I still have days when I get really naughty so it's totally understandable why my weight loss is not drastic to date. Here are tips that proved to be handy the past few weeks:

This is the best fast food our body is craving for. I'll be honest, it's not the tastiest drink but you having a shot of kale, ginger, carrots (a wee bit) and lemon is one of the best things you'll do for your body. I usually take it in the morning so my first drink is nutrient dense. If I'm going somewhere (like office or client site) I take it in the morning so technically I break my fast earlier than usual. However, this is a good break-fast (sorry I have to say it!) so that's totally fine if you'll ask me.

Caveat to not overdo it but I noticed that if I crave for something and I know I can still control it, coffee usually does the trick! The past days though, I honestly am overdoing it so I'm toning down my coffee intake to my usual two cups instead of three. Also it's not a good idea to drink a cuppa before a cardio workout, I made that mistake once and the result is not pretty 🤢

If there's anything that I'd like you to take away from this post - it is this. Preparing your meal from home may sound daunting but with few YouTube inspirations and loads of practice, you'll be just fine. It is very effective because you know what is in your meal exactly. Also, you can control the quality of your meal's ingredients and it's good on the wallet too. I enjoy cooking all the more because now that I'm doing IF - I can only eat three times a day and each meal is a sacred moment that I look forward to.

This is one of my biggest eureka moment this year. Exercise is important but it alone can never change your weight. That's why I got so frustrated before because I was trying to out-run a bad diet. Exercise, on the other hand, is the best way to boost happy hormones. If you can't commit to anything religiously, that's okay. Just make an effort to walk, clean or be plain active whenever you get a chance.

It's nerve-wracking to realise that half of the British summer has gone and soon enough fall and winter will be upon us. I am trying to enjoy sunshine whenever I can. There is something about lush green grass, warm sun beams and people all over the park that elevates my outlook in life. It gets me excited to know that tomorrow will be another good day! -CMK

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