Friday 4 January 2019


Oh wow! 30-ish days ago, we had this feeble attempt to publish a post every day for December. I can't believe we've made it! Technically, it's a little over January as of this writing because I decided to put off blogging during Christmas but still, amazing right? I've probably published more posts than with all my 2017 blog articles combined. By the way, picture is taken from Waterstones Tottenham Court Road. This bookstore is one of my favourites. They have an underground cafe where you can sit and sip your cuppa with a book in your hand no less. Others visit here to write or even to catch up with friends. To be honest, coffee here is so so but I love the ambiance! So, really, what did I learn?

JUST DO IT. I always fall into this trap called perfection. I'll write when it's perfect. I'll write when I am in the mood. I'll write later, soon. I've learned that sometimes, I just have to do it and the rest will follow. That while I want quality, consistency is equally important. I don't see blogging as an exam paper that needs to be passed. I see it as an avenue to write things that speak to my heart with the hope that it speaks to anyone who graced my blog too.

OPPORTUNITIES COME TO THOSE WHO HUSTLE. I am pleasantly surprised on this one. Way back 2011, in my bedroom apartment at Prague, callmekristine was born. I've started blogging because I want to take a break from my everyday routine. Little did I know that I'll still be doing this (may I add, joyfully) years down the line. The fact that I am free to write what I genuinely like to write about and there are brands out there that support my platform is such an uplifter by itself. What's great is when I did post everyday, a number of good opportunities came my way.

ONE NEEDS TIME AND STRATEGY. I'll be honest, this whole 30-day blog post challenge will never be possible if I don't have heaps of leaves taken last December. Worth mentioning that this is such a good way to channel your creative side (i.e. instead of being bored just put your thoughts to writing). On strategy, Google Photos is a massive help. On days that I have blog ideas but don't have an access on my MacBook, I use Google Keep or Microsoft One Note on my iPhone.

IT'S NOT WITHOUT A COMPROMISE. Like the rest of 7.7 billion people on earth (as of 2019, FYI), time is a scarcity for yours truly. In my quest to publish blog posts, my running routine was put to the side. This is one of the reasons, I think, posting every day for the whole year is not sustainable. I'll still be posting every once so often but since it's business as usual here in London, I can't do the luxury of blogging every single day.

I ENJOYED IT ALTOGETHER. You know what? I had fun. We've talked about beauty, minimalism, relationship, flat tours, capsule wardrobes, home made meals, among many others. It is such a gift to channel all the things that resonate on you each day. Given a chance, I'd like to do it next December. 

If you've graced my blog one way or another, allow me to say THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart. All the best this new year! -CMK


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