Thursday 2 July 2015


Changing routines can be one of the things you need to do to put a zest in your life. I've been listening to some helpful videos recently and basically, it's saying that if you tend to get bored at life, chances are, your activities are a series of routines. You don't need to change your schedule upside down, some few tweaks like eating your lunch at a new place or taking a bath before breakfast can do wonders. That is also true with beauty products.

I never paid attention to anti-aging products before because I was too obsessed with the more visible stuff... lipsticks, blushes and the like. However, it dawned on me that I need to start this routine now, not for anything, but because I just feel I'm ready to. 

Can I be honest? Sometimes, I'm wary about people posting the same product reviews all at the same time, it's like it's a synchronized marketing stint... you don't really know what to believe :( That's why I tend to rely more on bloggers that review products that they bought out of their own pocket. It's because I know that the purchase is well taken thought of. One of the most reliable beauty blogs I visit is that of The Mustard Jumper. Her blog tells review just as it is. It's real and unadulterated. Go check her out :)

OLAY is my go-to brand on most of my skin care products. It's not cheap but it's not super high-end though. I got this from Boots for £20 (about Php 1,400). I got enticed by their 5-day firmness process. Let's see this in action.

A bit shallow, but I'm really digging the packaging. Black and red is so sleek and it housed the entire 50 ml serum with such sophistication. So, let me answer the magic question point blank. Does it work? I'm elated to report that YES it does for me! I noticed that my under eye firmed up a lot after weeks of using this at night time. Did I mention that it has this quaint flowery scent? Scent kinda reminds my brain that it's bed time!

Tip: Wash your face (I use Olay Regenerist Cleansing Brush) + apply your favourite moisturiser + apply this serum on your under eye / forehead area. 2 pumps should be more than enough.

I can't think of any for this particular product. Well, hmm, I find the whole product line confusing. That's it! Because they have one for eye and then there's this and that, yeah, that's just so many! Label says that eye serum is more concentrated than others but to me, I think I'm cool with this for now.

Next picture is me right after a full day at Central London. This was taken last Sunday,  21st June. You'll see that my makeup did already wear off (not to mention the lipstick!) but notice that my eye bags are less prominent than before :) Quite pleased with that!

If you're in your late 20's or early 30's, I'd recommend this product to you. They say it's best to start early with anti-aging products, so might as well. But don't overdo it, most often than not... the simpler the routine, the better the results. That's it for now! :) - CMK


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