Monday 13 July 2015


Hello Guys! I've been on and off the blogosphere lately. I can't offer any legit excuse since I can  make time to write but I chose not to. Part of which is I want to enjoy the here and now. But, that's okay as I'm back with a new post! 

I am hours away from going back to Manila as I type this. GOD is really good! To be honest, I was bummed out by the fact that I'll be on a 15-hour (!) plane ride from Heathrow to Manila. Note that I was. I came to realise that not everyone has the privilege of going home frequently and instead of sulking, I should rejoice!

Yes it is. Am I the only one or does this happen to you? You are about to take a leave then all of a sudden: client meetings, deliverables and all sort of things need to be done! O.O I am amazed how consistent the universe is at throwing exciting things on my plate! :D

Establishing the point of me being cray-cray this week, I re-discovered the power of a good quiet time. Looking back, I am not sure how did I tick off all my to-do's then I remembered that I have a Big Daddy up there to help me accomplish things.

"You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you're too busy then you should sit for an hour." Meditation, prayer, quiet time. Call it whatever you want, most important is: Acknowledge the LORD in all things that you do.

Yes, I mean it like that (and not the other way around). I've been overwhelmed by so many things and the challenge is to stay still and stop analysing. And that's what I would like to do the next few days. I'd like to snooze off and just let it be.

Funny that as I conclude this post, I'm clicking my keyboard from now breezy Manila. I miss the place! It's always nice to see people whom I call home. But what's even better is that I now have two homes! Both of them are equally lovely and have a special place in my heart. 

For now, I'll enjoy my stay here and take things one step at a time. How's your life, lately? - CMK

PS: Special thanks to Len who snapped these awesome shots from our Duxford trip :)


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