Tuesday 4 November 2014


True story: On my way back from Waterloo train station, I saw a teenager wearing a shirt with a quote written above. It made me laugh mainly because I can very well relate. You see, I was a perennial people-pleaser. I want everyone to like me. And I'll do the best I could to maintain that Little Miss Sunshine status. But alas, I got slapped by a cold, bloody 4-word truth: 

You. Cannot. Please. Everybody.

It took me a while to dust off my disposition and get back on track but after doing just that, I have recollected these thoughts on WHY YOU SHOULD FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF {and not give a damn if a handful of people think otherwise}:

In your death bed, you won't be bothered by this thought anyway. Pardon a rather morbid opening but this makes perfect sense, isn't it? When you're about to die {die..die..echo..Lol}, there's a less chance that you'll think "how come so-and-so didn't like me?" "Or spread rumors about me?" Why? Because they just don't matter. All that matters is the people who are genuine and close to you.

Shunning negative vibes is good for your health. You know what we should all do? We can promote what we love instead of bashing what we hate. What will you get when you pass that snarky comment against someone? Nothing. And oh, karma is digital too. What's a good alternative? Do something productive like exercise, painting, coffee chats and shopping. Hey, that counts too ;) After that - you'll be too tired to think about non-sense things.

When you learn to accept that you can't please the whole wide world, life will be simpler. Trust me, somebody would like you to wear black and others white. Others would like you to be talkative, others reserved. That makes life complicated as it already is. I think the comment from Jennifer Aniston will give us some rest:

Instead of sulking why that 1 person didn't like you, cherish the other 99 who do. I'm sure there's at least 3 who likes you. Mom, Dad and your best buddy. Kidding! :D More often than not {unless you're a top brass bully}, people who like you will outnumber people who don't. So instead of monologue-ing why one idiot failed to appreciate you, geez, shake it off {cue: Taylor Swift song}. Invite your girls or your special someone to shop/watch/walk/laugh the night away! 

Even JESUS has given us a model on how to deal with this. "And if any place will not welcome you or listen to you, leave that place and shake the dust off your feet..." Mark 6:11 NIV. Now I know who's the real author of Shake It Off! :) When you read the life of Jesus, you'll appreciate that He is such a cool Guy. So easy to get along with and even after betrayal, He knows how to get on with life because really, it's all about the people who matters. In case this post speaks to you - let me pat you on the back and give you a warm virtual hug. We all have those days. So, please smile and know that you'll be fine. Cheers to genuine relationships! -CMK


  1. Amazing share of your story!

  2. Yes, cheers to genuine relationships! I also wrote something similar to this topic on my blog last week. It's really true that we can't please everybody. I actually stopped doing that a long time ago.

    P.S. That quote above is for the win! :)

  3. Like the article!!! :-)

  4. very nice article. thank you for sharing your thoughts


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