Monday 3 November 2014


Make up removers may be underrated compared to main stream makeups like foundation and lipsticks, but I think we should select them carefully since they are one of the last substances kissing our faces, specially during night time. Makes sense? I got mine for Php 360 approx. when I visited Osaka, Japan last June. It was summer there, and oh - that's quite an adventurous trip! More raves and rants HERE

That trip was one trip that I didn't do much shopping. Not sure why, but as I can recall I only bought 2 items: Osaka Mug from Starbucks and this. I guess I have invested more on the experience (Food Trips, Universal Studios, etc.) rather than shopping {which I still love, btw}.

It's clear and can work as a facial wash. We all have days when we're too tired to wash our faces, specially after a long travel time. That's when this product becomes handy. I like that it has a pump but I didn't bring the entire bottle with me because it's huge {think: baggage space}. It's odorless and more like water to me.

It is close to perfect. Close, I say, because after my first few tries... I got some big P's. I thought I've shared this with you {can't really remember} but after trying water base makeup removers {Bifiesta is one of those}, I think I'm more comfortable with oil-based ones. Here's my mug shot post-pimples. The little thingies on my cheeks are those culprits:

If you're a fan of Cetaphils and Physiogels, you should definitely try this. It's cost effective plus it will give you that super clean face feels. There's a pack at Watsons for Php 450-ish and they come with a mini container. I think that's worth trying. -CMK

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