Friday 31 October 2014


In case you're wondering how quirky a house can be in London, this pink door has said it all! Background of the story was Ross and I were walking along Notting Hill village when we spotted this Fuchsia Pink door. Funny thing is, this is one of the many cool doors along the stretch. This is the norm in this side of town. 

Anyway, after 3 weeks of being a home buddy, I've resumed to my old gypsy self. Here are some of the {new} things I've tried this week:

* I wandered at London tourist-y places alone. Whilst waiting for Ate B, I fancied walking around and take shots as I go along. It's a pretty good therapy. You'll see lots of people {tourists mainly} swarming along Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, etc. Thing is - you can never go wrong. Every angle is picturesque. No surprise that London is one of the most sought after cities a wanderlust need to set foot on. While at it, I said a heart felt "Thank You" to Jesus. There's nothing special in me, and I really, really, really appreciate that I get to experience living in such a vibrant city like this.

* Starting this week, I embarked on an everyday walk before going to work. Yet another Can-You-Believe-It? moment! (First one was when I learned how to cook). It was last Friday when me and a friend went out for a dinner. We were talking about how I'm considering to subscribe at Cohen Diet (Google this, girls). Grapevine said that this is one of the reasons why Bea Alonzo and Judy Ann Santos shed massive amount of weight. It's safe, with only one constraint... it kinda cost a dent on my wallet. Php 50,000 plus for consultation and recipe alone. I know, I'm ridiculous like that :D

Going back - he suggested that I go the old fashioned but effective way. Eat healthy and exercise. As an action item, we agreed to go out for a walk for one hour and a half every day. So far, so good. I feel a tension on my hamstrings (back of my knees) but I'm feeling lighter (naks) by the day.

* Every day is a good day to stop and appreciate life. I know this may sound overly cliche but this is my current feels. Doing the laundry, meeting with friends, going to work, walking in the park - all of these are part of life. And knowing that there's a deadline for everything should make us thankful a little bit more for life in general. I think that's what the falling leaves are for, to remind us that seasons indeed change. -CMK


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