Tuesday 16 September 2014


One Tuesday night, I had a small conversation with my mum and it went like this:

Tin: Ma, had you opened a mutual fund for me when I was little, the amount must have been so huge now! o.O
Mum: How was I to know?
Tin: You have a point!
*** End of Conversation ***

 Mum's profession is engaged in a medical field, so that's understandable. This is one of the reasons why we need to educate our loved ones on how to make their money grow. I think the best {and most sincere} advices come from people who are close to you. Just make sure you trust that person's view. You know what I mean. Moving on, I have decided to diversify a bit more and opened my first PNB UITF.

We know that PNB is not one of those banks who have loud TV commercials and print ads, add to the fact the buzz about the merger between Allied Bank and PNB last 2013. So, why did yours truly consider opening a Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) last week? After some research, I've been made aware that PNB's High Dividend Fund is on Top 2 spot as listed on August 2014 Performance of Philippine Equity UITF (Source). Also, PNB is close to 100 years. Plus, with their fundamentals, it's apparent that the bank is here to stay. With that, I think that's worth the risk #PersonalOpinionThough :)
It's easy and the same as other banks if you happen to open UITFs previously.
Step 1: Go to PNB personally.
My mum and I went to Makati Stock Exchange because she wants to redeem her mutual funds at ATR Kim Eng. That's a different story but feel free to read my related post HERE. She wants to realize the gains for something and she said she'll treat me for lunch. So, being a good daughter, off I went and accompany her. Haha :D
Going back, there's a PNB Makati Branch in front of Makati Stock Exchange along Ayala Avenue, that's where I opened my account. They asked me to fill out some forms and asked for 2 pictures. They initially asked for a 1x1 but since I haven't had any, they got my 2x2 spare pictures instead.
TIP: Make sure that you've signed all the relevant documents. It would be a pain to go back just because you forgot to sign one form.
Step 2: Open a PNB Account. 
And, that's mandatory. On my end, I don't do my transactions using PNB so I opted to open an ATM account with minimum required balance (Php 3,000). You can sign the forms relative to this, while doing step 1. 
TIP: You can withdraw your money from ATM just outside the premises. There's an 11 Php charge when you withdraw from other bank using PNB ATM. That's the norm, I guess. 
Step 3: Choose which UITF you want to invest into.
Being an aggressive investor (I think I am) plus my time horizon being 5 years above, I opted for their recent offering called HIGH DIVIDEND FUND. It landed Top 2 this August 2014, and while I understand charts never guarantee absolute returns, I believe the fund is promising. 
TIP: If you're a newbie, start with a minimum amount first (Php 10,000 for this fund). Get your feet wet and see if you can tolerate stock market fluctuations. Don't go blindly just because PSE is bullish. Do your homework and research, most importantly pray and include GOD in your investment decisions.
Step 4: Come back one week after to get your ATM and UITF Certificate.
You need to personally comeback (yes, no proxies) because you need to sign the UITF certificate. Another tip is you may request your marketing officer to send you a documentation just so you are sure that your capital has been invested on that given date.

That's it for today. One Chinese proverb says: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. the next best time is now. -CMK


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