Wednesday 17 September 2014


Scarves are probably one of the most friendliest accessories you can bring when you travel. You can put it around your neck or use it as a blanket whilst on a plane. Not to mention it gives an extra oomph to your rather plain tees. 

I do have this on-going love affair with scarves but it was my first time to go for a infinity scarf. It's those that are on a loop allowing you to wear the thing as a big, bulky necklace. 

I bought this at Payless for Php 295. Very reasonable, isn't it? Since I always go for the classic brown cheetah prints, I decided to be different that day and go for the black and white combination. There's not much about it, really, just remember to partner this with a plain t-shirt, that's all :) 

Here's my mug shot if you may:

I've been playing around with the look when the crazy nut in me decided to pull my hair to a bun and let my newly cut bangs on. In the picture, it looks like I had a pixie cut, but it's only an illusion, teehee.

Well, I think that's what I look like when I get a pixie cut! I bought the white t-shirt from London at Primark. It's a thrift store there much like Surplus Shop in the PH. I love how the scarf gives an overall attitude with the look.

No additional accessories necessary. For our fashion peg today, she's a sister of my ever favorite Katie Middleton, who's preggy with her 2nd royal baby! Yay. 

I have a bright red coat in my closet but I don't have that camel brown boots. Hohumm... I like how sophisticated, as always, the Middletons are. Here's a snap after the jump!

What do you think? -CMK


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