Thursday 18 September 2014


Ever wondered what's the most viewed blog post in Call.Me.Kristine? I would have thought it has something to do with lipstick, how-to guide on money matters or even visa application write-up. All X. The undisputed number 1 post for years is my post on Belo Underarm Whitening Review. Makes me think that however we fight it, majority of the people {on this side of the planet} wants to be fair. If they are already, they want to be fair-er or yes, whiter.

I have my share of I-want-to-be-a-gluta-white-lady days, though it didn't get to the point where I had a Glutathione shot. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, I have considered that one too many times {hope mommy's not reading this} but I just had one major issue. I am afraid of needles O.o That said, I'll resort to another avenue.

Good thing there's a plethora of whitening soaps in the market. I rarely try them {yeah, I even haven't tried Belo yet} but there's one that caught my attention. Why? Because the idea came from a guy friend and the effect {on him} was noticeable. So, I tried. 

What is it?
Kojie San Skin Lightening Soap. It has Kojic Acid Soap as its second name and it retails for Php 50. I got this from Watsons.

It doesn't sting, but that's just me. I've heard from other beauty bloggers that they find it prickly. Maybe I'm more tolerant with the substance or maybe they let the soap on for an extended period of time.
It's affordable. Last time I check, one Gluta shot may cost Php 28,000 plus you have to worry about the needle (!) and side effects, so this is a perfect alternative. Label says you can use it on your body and face, bang for our buck indeed.
It works. Again, this is a personal reaction. Though I'm generally fair skinned, I noticed that the dark spots on my elbows and knees lighten. With consistent usage {which I lack, at the moment} - this product is really promising.

It's not a germicidal soap. So you're bound to use another soap to 'cleanse' you. This means this is an added ritual on your bath time, which means you need to get up a wee bit early if you want to consistently use the product. Gets? :) Other than this rant, this product is A-Ok! CMK THINKS this product is a must try mainly because there are so many testaments that it works (Feel free to Google it).

These are the products I'm currently using. Might work for you or otherwise. Anyways, let me have a roll call. 1. Kojie San 2. Hello Sun Shine from Bath & Body Works (I love the orange-ish smell) 3. Asian Secrets Lulur Body Scrub (Review HERE) 4. Dove Go Fresh Body Lotion 5. Physiogel Lotion (this makes my skin super smooth after!) and 6. Nivea Sun Protect and Refresh Invisible Cooling Mist (Review HERE). -CMK

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