Friday 19 September 2014


3. That is the number of times I've eaten a proper ramen as of publish date. First is from a hole in the wall eatery at Osaka, Japan (more slurps HERE), next is at Wrong Ramen (located at The Fort) and now at Ramen Nagi. 

To me, a ramen is just a 'hyped and glorified mami ni Aling Maria'. Let's see if after my experiences this will change. To back track a bit, I've been seeing a growing number of people along Mall of Asia strip slurping over a hot bowl of ramen. It looks inviting and the spicy variant menu entices me all the more. "One day, I'll try and check you out" I monologued.

And last Wednesday was the day. It was the perfect opportunity since I've been to Manila International Book Fair 2014 all by myself (apologies to G as I totally forgot I promised to go with you, babawi ako).

Simple Menu. Believe it or not, they only have less than 7 dishes on their menu. Not complicated and straight to the point. | Very much like the authentic ramen. To be fair, I only ate one bowl of ramen in Japan but since it's not so long ago (went there last June 2014) I somehow recognize that old familiar broth-y taste ramen is known for. | Flavor Burst. If flavor is what you want, that is what you'll get! Since I've ordered Red King Akao (their spicy variant) I have to ask for a glass of water refill 4x! That's how intense it was.

Price. Okay, apologies if I may rant a bit. That big bowl you're looking at is dancing to the tune of Php 450! Of course I saw the price list even before I entered the resto but to be honest, the taste is nowhere near the quality of a close-to-Php 500 tab. | I got a stingy sensation on my tongue hours after eating. I am not sure if it's MSG but this I'm sure: my tongue still hurts. You know the feeling after eating a bowlful of junk food? Unfortunately, that's my tongue's FOTD (feeling of the day). Heheh. I've made up that acronym :) | I find the no-take-out policy quite weird. For a takaw-mata like yours truly, it's but normal to have take-aways, right? I get it, there are times it is a jologs thing to do, but to my mind, you paid for it so why prevent customers from taking out their purchase? Just a thought, though :)

I came to the place to achieve one thing: experience. And I got it. To be fair, the place delivers what it markets... an authentic ramen. If you're a ramen lover, by all means go. You'll surely have your fill here. Otherwise, I suggest you try out other food places because if you're like me, I think I'll stick to my stand that Ramen is much like a glorified mami ni Aling Maria. -CMK 


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