Friday 12 September 2014


You make time for people {and things} you love. I've been reading a book called Stress Control and it's such a good read! Susan Balfour is an author based in United Kingdom. She's a psychotherapist who has made a special study of the stress syndrome {its cause and how to avoid them}. She emphasizes how smiling, exercising, social network detox and positive outlook can do wonders! Bought it from Powerbooks Greenbelt.

Do you know that taking a quick shower while you're grumpy can lessen your stiffness? Add a luxurious body scrub to that and you'll be a happy person the moment you step out of your bathroom. Enter: ASIAN SECRETS Lulur Body Scrub. This pot costs Php 140 and available in Watsons, Landmark and all leading beauty counters.

It's been a while since I've indulged in a full hour shower ritual. I'm glad I did. Lately, I've been exerting massive effort to wake up early and do yoga. Consequently, my unused muscles are crying for help. Lathering this sugary cream is a grand idea afterall!

I like that it smells nice. A bit flowery but just right. To apply: just scoop and scrub until you feel your dead skin cells are removed. It's also a good exfoliant, letting your brand new skin beam after rinsing. It also promises a whitening effect, when used over time. 

Here's what my hands look like after scrubbing this magic:

Based on my experience, the floral smell wears off too quickly. Or am I just setting my expectations too high? :) Anyways, it would be very nice to have a lingering smell minutes or hours after taking shower with this beauty pot.

I've enjoyed the whole experience. You know, from pinching the pot bit by bit, then scrubbing them to my hands and whole body, then rinsing them off feeling so refreshed, oh dear, Php 140 is such a little price to pay for this de-stressing fun time. What do you usually do to take your mind off the serious things? -CMK

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