Wednesday 20 August 2014


Hello Guys! Guess what's keeping me busy these days? I decided it would be best for me not to offer excuses why I seldom publish posts the past weeks. Let's just say I'm pre-occupied with so many things and getting used to Mac is one of them. To start with, Pinky (meet her NOW) is due for replacement. I love her! She's been with me when I traveled to Prague and London. However, the fact that she's heavy and approaching 4 years old - it's time for me to let her retire :D

Enter my new challenge. What laptop to buy? I think I've bugged most of my close friends with this question: A windows laptop that's lightweight (Acer Ultrabook, case in point) or a Mac Book Air?

I've been an iPhone user the past years but I'm a windows baby. Since I started working it's always been windows and having this idea of jumping into a Mac bandwagon - that I am not too sure. Short cut keys are so different, not to mention a different interface altogether. I'm ready to give up until I bumped into this quote whilst browsing my FB news feed. Bam! I'm sold!

Scared to be extinct this early, I decided to buy MacBook Air this month :)

There's a number of add-ons that one needs to buy separately:
  • MS for MAC! Tag price is Php 9,000. Or find a friend who has one. Thank you Rose for your help! I super appreciate it!
  • VGA Adapter. This costs Php 1,700 approx. It's a necessity for me since I'm used to work with 2 monitors. Remember Meet Joe Blackie, HERE?
  • Case. Php 1,850. Since you don't want scratches on your baby.
  • Headset. This one's free for me since I didn't use my iPhone's headset ever since (low-bat problems, you know). So, the headset's handy for me now.
It's too early to say whether it's worth it or not. What I know is that this is a better choice. It's safe from virus, lightweight and caters my purpose. With these points, I'm a happy user! 
PS: I realized it's so nice to maintain a blog. That way, you can revisit your techie purchases all these years plus your raw thoughts and emotions that came with it. -CMK


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