Saturday 16 August 2014


I'll never forget that Sunday. I alighted from the plane at Heathrow Airport, the wind is a bit chilly than normal, and everything is new to me. I don't know a single thing about London and the homesickness started to kick in. My boss has been very kind, making sure that I'm okay and I have everything I need. For the next 7 days, Travelodge will be my home.

It's a 20-minute walk from our office. The season that time was winter turning into spring. There's a few local shops there. I remember there's Pret A Manger (local sandwich shop), Starbucks, Marks & Spencer, Mc Donalds, to name a few. Kingston is located at the south of London, a very lovely and quiet place, far from the vibes and hustle of Central London. They're both beautiful in their own right.

They only have the basic ones. A bed, heater, cable tv, study desk, comfort room and that's it. They don't have a fridge or closet since their target market are tourists. The shower heater is working fine and I appreciate that they have a heater that enables you to make a hot chocolate, if needed. There's no washing machine too so it's impossible to wash your clothes in there.

Now, this is interesting. They only have I think an hour free of internet surfing and after that, you need to purchase via credit card. It cost me less than Php 300 for 24 hour worth of internet usage. Not bad, but if you'll do this every day {for the next 2 months}, then we're talking. Good thing the company provided for a portable wifi device that enables me to surf the net {a luxury for me those days} to my hearts content.

Travelodge is perfect for short trips. Say, you'll be staying there for a week or two. But if you'll be in for a month, it's highly recommended that you rent a flat. The rate is reasonable plus you'll have your second home. To know more about Travelodge London (i.e. rates), here's their SITE. -CMK


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