Thursday 21 August 2014


I am nursing a tooth inconvenience as I type this. So weird that my blog post for today is about food! You know sometimes when clients can be so difficult? And you just have to remind yourself that there should be a clear line when business ends and fun begins? As I thought I'm having a bad day, I've watched a Youtube video of Joel Osteen. You may have heard of him before. Video's title is How to Find Peace? What a refreshing reminder specially for people who's caught up with the rat race of today. 

Anyways. So much for catch ups. Last Saturday, I've been to Quiznos with my friend R. It's an American sandwich house and we're lucky to have some franchises within the Philippine shore. I've decided to try their sandwich since it reminds me of Subway but with some interesting sauces. Picture above is their take on SPICY BARBEQUE CHICKEN! If you love a bit of smokey slash spicy taste, you gotta try this. An 8-inch sandwich costs approx Php 200.

* Bang for your buck. Php 200 might be a bit hefty for a sandwich {you may think} but this is filling. I even had to take home the other half for my dinner.
* Hands-on Staff. I ate at their Glorietta Branch in Makati and kudos to their staff. They even offered me to have a separate cup for the sauce (take away) so that the quality of their wheat bread won't be compromised. Good job!
* Interesting combination. How would you like a Chicken Carbonara for a sandwich? And as if that's not strange enough, care to try their Sisig number?
* They have an electric outlet. Yes, that's included! I know most of you can very well relate to our phone's #LowBatProblems :P

Here's a peek of their menu:

* Tiny space. Or at least for their Glorietta branch. Space is so tiny that you can overhear conversations across table.
* Lack of dessert choices. Might be best to expand into something sweet since they've already perfected their flagship product.

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For that after-cinema miryenda or you want some serious bonding without loading too much carbs? This is a perfect fit! They have a branch in BGC too! I'm really intrigued on their Sisig and Carbonara Sandwich. I might try them soon. Then exercise after. Hoho! >:) I thank God for inventing an activity called eating! -CMK


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