Friday 4 July 2014


Hello! :) Let me re-introduce myself just in case you guys don't know me anymore. My name is Kristine of Call.Me.Kristine. I know it's customary to explain how come blogs have been on a hiatus mode for quite some time and I won't be breaking that tradition. I've been thankful to the Lord and lots of people that I have this rare opportunity to be in 3 countries last June! And pardon me for being a bit too busy in the background. I reckon the best way to come back is to have another Fashion Alert addition. I'll try to keep it short and sweet. 

When you're not sure about the weather in a specific country (albeit researching via net) - it's best to have something to keep you covered. This combo serves its purpose. It's summer in Osaka, Japan when we visited the Bamboo Forest but don't be fooled! Weather can be bipolar in this side of the world. Outfit post for today is nothing grand, matter of fact, it's casual and wearable. Here are the deets:

White Camisole and Blue Denim Jacket from Primark (London)
Black Pants from H&M (Oxford, London)
Red Flats from Payless (Glorietta)
Shades from Dickies (SM Makati) 

Here comes my fashion (and location) peg!


It's nice to be back! -CMK

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