Friday 16 May 2014


It's easy to get lost with all the worries of life specially when you're living overseas alone. Suddenly, you're not resting on your own comfortable pillow and everything is brand new. It takes a concious effort to go back, breathe and appreciate what life is offering you.

It's my second time to do this, my first was 3 years ago. I lived in Prague, Czech Republic for months. I thought the second time will be easy peasy, but I was wrong. It's a different kind of vanilla, and this time around, I find these 5 words true to form.

I've been thankful to the Lord that He's given me so many good people during my stay here. They are so friendly and accommodating, it makes me feel like this is my second home. Sweet! You know what I reckoned? Sometimes, you just need to trust people. And believe there's so many good souls out there.

C'est la vie (SUCH IS LIFE)

Before, I used to wonder how come people get good breaks and others don't. Not long after, I realized that trying to make a sense out of life is like trying to count the number of sands on the sea shore. Life is not meant to be understood to the point of controlling it. What one should push is to do his best then leave it up to God. I think that is why this phrase is invented. C'est La Vie, a French phrase for 'Such is Life' or 'That's life'.

There's so much going on for me back in Manila. So many hats to wear, enjoy and fulfill to some extent. So, on a Black Saturday of April 2014, I got in the plane and toooot... eerie silence. I am fine to be by myself (case in point: I watch so many movies, alone. Ha!) - it's just that - I'm surrounded by so many awesome people the past months that the silence threw me off guard. On my second Sunday here in London - I plugged out all my gadgets and just sit alone at Preta a Manger (local organic sandwich shop). Doing nothing, just looking at the chirping birds and staring blankly in the sea of people.

I need to accomplish the purpose for which I have been sent. The Company has paid a significant amount of money, time and effort for me to get to London. I want to give what they have paid for. Hence, I need to focus. I've been doing the project for the last years but the nice thing with my field is that there would never be a point where you can say that you know everything. Everyday is a learning experience. Never monotonous. Ever new.

Latin term for 'seize the moment'. Okay, it's not one word technically, but yeah, it's something that I've re-learned in my stay here. It's not about how many places you've been to, it's about how much you have enjoyed BEING in the place. There's no sure fire way of seizing the moment - however, tweeting and FB'ing all your whereabouts is definitely NOT a good way to go. Again, it takes a concious amount of effort to do this, but soon, you'll appreciate how lovely it is to meet new people, get on without tight plans and just let your guards down.

Now, it's your turn. What 5 words have you (re)-learned from Mr. Life? :) -CMK

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