Friday 4 April 2014


As I've mentioned on my latest book review, I've been taking a quick break from 'serious' genres and shifting to a more casual ones. And so... here's another book I've been {and pretty much everyone else is} raving about. Manila - Philippines, people know about them, IT Girls, one of which is Liz Uy. Remember their Call Me Maybe video? If not, refresh your memory HERE.

Liz is probably the most popular stylist on this side of the planet. I like her style and I'm sure her roster of clients love her services, so much so that this book is born. Heard from the grapevine that this book is from Kris Aquino's idea. Go girl!

What's in the book?
As the subtitle suggests, it contains Liz's 10 style essentials. Now, it would be unfair if I'll tell the whole thing to you. But just so you have an idea, I'll give you my top favorites: 1. White V-Neck Shirt, 2. Little Black Dress, 3. Shorts, 4. White Button Down Shirt and 5. Leggings.
My Favorite Part
Book has roughly 110 pages. Majority are pictures and pegs. I like those that contain different looks for one central piece. There's nothing groundbreaking but it's nice to take a look on each style, in a hard bound book, no less.

StyLIZed retails for Php 395. Now, TO BUY or NOT TO BUY?

Buy the book if...
You are into fashion books. This can qualify as a collector's item. The layout is amazing and it's easy to see that each page is carefully thought about. It's in this book that I get to know different fashion jargons like the difference between a satchel and messenger bag. the anatomy of a white button down shirt (yes, anatomy!), the length comparison among capri, pedal pushers and Bermuda jeans, among others. Also, there's a finer name for p*kp*k shorts, it's hot pants {only that, it's not pants, really}. Teehee >:)

Do not buy the book if...

You're expecting too many write-ups. This is more of a coffee table book. Everyone can flip through it and finish it in one sitting. So if your idea is to have something to read for the next couple of weekends, this is NOT the book for you. You'd be better off if you'll buy 3 issues of Cosmopolitan to fill in that craving :)

That's the long and short of it! I did enjoy reading this maga-book. I'm happy to report that I have 9 out of 10 style essentials. Which brings me to my next shopping saga, where to buy a good, crisp white button down shirt?! ♥ -CMK



  1. Want to have this so that I will have a sense of fashion (kahit konti!) Haha! :D

    1. Hello po) May i ask you to share with me the pics of Sarah Geronimo from there please?

  2. Thanks for sharing the "Do not buy the book if...". Seriously, a buyer should look a review first before buying books so they know what to expect. About the crisp white button down shirt, I also want to have something like that in case of job interview.

    (" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana ")



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