Wednesday 2 April 2014


It's summer and being a sun-induced creature that I am {I only workout when there's sunshine outside}, I have embarked on a mission to move out of my sedentary lifestyle and be active for a change! You'll prolly know by now that this blog chronicles my so-many attempts to find a workout that works for me. And I'm not giving up! :)

If there's one thing that I've learned through years of love-hate relationship with exercising, such has to be: SUSTAINABLE! It's easy to be all giddy on the first few weeks but if the routine is not incorporated in your lifestyle, it won't work. One of my challenges is that the gyms and studios that I have enrolled in the past were all located in Makati or Fort. Something that takes extra money and effort {read: 2-hour drive} if I'll do it regularly.

THEN, I have heard of The Yoga Way! It's a relatively new yoga studio (established 2013) within the heart of Las Pinas! Oh dear, I am way beyond happy! For the record, if your idea of yoga is all about chants and rituals - this is not that type. In fact: 

The Yoga Way features well-trained, professional instructors, progressive teaching methods, a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere, and a beautiful light-filled facility. We offer a wide variety of yoga classes, from beginners to advanced level. (lifted from their FB Page, details below)

I had my first session today, and so far - here's what I gotta say:

♣ Teachers are hands-on. The class size is small, allowing Teacher Dani and Teacher Chantal to check our postures and alignments. In short, kitang-kita nila how awkward my poses are! Haha! But as they shared, this is a yoga practice {not competition} so we compare ourselves only with our prior selves. The pace is just right though as always, I'm struggling with the balancing poses >:)

♣ Price-friendly fee. Since I'm living somewhere South, the fare is less than a hundred from my house, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. The drop in rate is only Php 350.00! How about that?! I've tried other studios and the range is Php 800-ish, this is a better deal. *Cartwheel*Happy Dance*
♣ No mirrors. I've noticed that the studio has no mirrors. Not sure why but the effect on me is I tend to listen to what my body is saying rather than checking if I look okay or there's sweat on my cheeks. The ambiance is minimalist too, I appreciate that. Though note that they only have one comfort room, but they have 3 or 4 changing rooms.

 ♣ My favorite part is the last part :) *Spoiler alert: After the session, you'll lie down as usual but here's the catch: there's a soothing background sound AND teachers will rub a minty balm on your forehead, and shoulders! Like a mini-massage. That was SO relaxing!

Some details, if you may. Location: 2nd Flr Rubetan Bldg. PhilAm Comm. Plaza C.V. Starr Ave., 1740 Las PiƱas (This is just across Starmall) | Hours: Mon - Sun: 6:30 am - 9:00 pm | Phone:    873-YOGA | Email: | Like The Yoga Way FB Page.

I will try to attend the morning classes, God's willing. I hope I can sustain this! Let's do this! What's your plan this summer? -CMK


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