Monday 7 April 2014


There are items worth your extra buck, and to me, a dependable watch is one of those. I've  been a junkie for classic pieces for as long as I remember. And of course, few quality pieces are better rather than many cheap ones. It's a person to person thing, really. One can buy a 2-thousand-peso makeup in a jiffy, because that's her thing. As long as you worked hard for the pieces you're buying, and it's proportional to what you're earning... then suit yourself :)

So lately, I've been lemming an over sized, gold watch. I've been thinking about this for quite some time, in fact up to a point of holding back since I already have a sturdy Fossil dress watch, to begin with. But well, a birthday is always a good reason to buy a new watch, so I gave in.

Watch is called Full Blooded for reasons I don't know. However, it was love at first sight. I noticed how masculine the piece appears, yet its little gems and matte cover lends sheer sophistication to the overall piece. I got this from Swatch Greenbelt. Available colors are Gold, Silver and Caramel {more of Rose Gold}. It has two stop watches and one minute mini-watch. Here it is up close and personal:

Few thousand pesos for a gold watch. What's your take on this? :) -CMK

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