Saturday 25 January 2014


To travel is to break routines. Suddenly, you're waking up on an unfamiliar bed, eating a breakfast that's not so usual, and stuff. To travel is to discover yourself as much as the place you're venturing into, to say the least. To me, what's ultimate about traveling is you learn in every single journey. Here's a handful of what I've garnered so far... 

1. Learn how to read a map.
 Or an MRT map for that matter. I have a confession to make: On most of my travels, I'm more of a follower, never a leader. I guess I'm just too tired analyzing those stations, not until my recent trip! Since it's only mum and myself - I have no choice but to brave those sketches and interchanges.

It's not that difficult, in fairness. Above all, it gives you that sense of fulfillment knowing you know where to go, like one of the locals. Sure, we made some few wrong turns here and there, but overall - it's FUN.

2. Petroleum jelly can be your best friend.
If you thought this beauty only comes handy during winter season, think again. My lips are cracking like crazy in Singapore, good thing I've tagged along this mighty moisturizing agent. How can a life saver costs only a handful of bucks? I appreciate this pot all the more.

3. NEVER drink a Starbucks coffee with an empty stomach.
By the time I'm writing this piece, my tummy is still recuperating from a massive shock caused by a mixture of empty stomach and high dose of caffeine. I vow never to do that again. If there's one experience I'll never forget - this would take the first place!

4. Don't be afraid to smile and ask questions.
And so we braved going to our hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia without a taxi. And this is perfectly fine - not until we saw that the downstairs alley is literally a stair! No escalators or elevators! And we're tired.

What I did was to ask politely if there's any other way, but there's none. Good thing a good soul volunteered to carry our heavy luggage downstairs. Price tag? A smile and a subtle Selamat Detang.

5. Make the most out of your travel.
During my recent trip, I'd be lying if I tell you that I enjoyed it all throughout. I didn't. On our plane ride back home, I'm always on the verge of throwing up (remember my learning on number 3?). Geez. And till now, I'm taking paracetamol to put a halt on this budding colds.

However, if you'll ask me if I'll back out from traveling due to this humdrum, the answer would still be... NO. Why? Because the laughs and quality time we had on the entire trip is something that money can NEVER buy. And those times will be with us for as long as we live.

I have long came to terms that setting your feet onto a new land has a good and not-so-good experiences. As they say, there are no bad experiences, only GOOD and LEARNING ones. -CMK

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  1. Sana makapagtravel din kami pag mejo malaki na anak ko. :)


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