Wednesday 29 January 2014


Chinese New Year is just around the corner! As with any other new year, it's best to revisit our goals and start something your future self will thank you for. Investing in stock market has always been dubbed as one of the greatest wealth accelerator. It can multiply your money when invested in right companies. To answer the question of SO, WHAT'S A GOOD STOCK TO BUY THESE DAYS, is a homework for each of us.

Today, I wish to share with you my TOP 4 BLUE CHIP STOCKS WORTH INVESTING. Please note that I don't guarantee that these will sky rocket 100% {you might shoot me when these stocks went bearish} :D What I'm sure is that based on my due diligence, these are promising stocks in days to come.

Price as of 27 Jan 2014: Php 2,704 per share
This is the priciest among our brood. However, this is the most attractive too. Since the market is on the red zone nowadays, stocks are on sale! And this is no exception. For year 2013 - TEL has paid the highest dividend among all stock shares.

Let's talk practical: TEL owns PLDT, SMART, Sun Cellular and many more. It's outlook is good in the years to come - with the advent of internet and social media boom, it's so easy to see. That said, if you have some money to spare - make sure you make the most of this season's stock sale and buy slowly but surely.

Price as of 27 Jan 2014: Php 80.00 per share
"We find ways." I'm sure you've heard of this in print and screen.  Did you notice how "cheap" the price is. Oh man, it's Php 80 only. Your cup of posh coffee is way pricier than this. Invest in your future.

Let's talk practical: BDO, being the flagship bank of SM Group of companies, has a bright future to say the least. It's sprouting like mushrooms all over the metro (and in provinces too). Another thing: If you have deposited your entire life savings account to this bank - you might as well invest some chunk for a more good looking profit *wink!

Price as of 27 Jan 2014: Php 157.60 per share
True Story: I have a friend who bought JFC when it was still Php 90 per share. So if she bought 500 shares - let's do a simple math. Php 157.60 less Php 90 = Php 67.60 profit per share:

Php 67.60 * 500 shares = Php 33,800 PROFIT is not bad! Now, you're getting the picture!

Let's talk practical: For crying out loud, who doesn't eat their famous Chicken Joy?! Tell me!! :) Their sales are in terms of billions. JFC is on every street corner. Every kid wants a piece of the bee. I can't help but to sing: Bida ang Saya! *Ka-ching*

Price as of 27 Jan 2014: Php 520.50 per share
You might not be familiar with the name but I'm quite sure you've spent a portion of your salary on AC. This is a holding company of Glorietta, Greenbelt, Landmark, etc. The basket includes Globe Telecom and Bank of the Philippine Islands too. Include Serendra and other Ayala Land properties in the picture. That's what you are getting on each Php 520.50 share.

Let's talk practical: Have you seen their malls on a Saturday? Have you ever got shocked when you received your Globe bill? {No pun intended ☺}. Seriously, this magnate is here to stay. If you want to check out my thoughts on other holding companies, this LINK might interest you.

Again, allow me to emphasize my first spiel:
As with any other new year, it's best to revisit our goals and start something your future self will thank you for. Kung Hei Fat Choi, everyone! -CMK



  1. URC is a good one,too. I bought it 2 years ago when it was 50 pesos per share and its worth 120 pesos now.

    PLDT is too high a price for a newbie investors though they give regular dividends.
    Just suggestios AND don't take this recommendations to heart. Study each then make a move

    1. Hello Pinas! Wow, thank you! URC is worth looking into indeed :)

      Yeah, PLDT is a bit high end, but their dividend payout ratio is so attractive! :D

      I miss your comments! :) Keep 'em coming!

    2. hi Kristine! It's me again. I just want to be anonymous, but I am reading your log for quiet a while now, my question is.. How can I buy blue chip from this company? And what is the blue chip means? Does it means share? :)

    3. Hello :) Thanks for reading. Blue Chip means premium companies. Like Class A's company (or something to that effect). You can buy them via online stock brokerage (i.e. COL Financial, BPI Trading, etc) or via calling PSE brokers. I use online brokerage.

      I appreciate your comments :) Hope to meet you soon (even virtually) :)

  2. I bought Jollibee last year it is about 178 per share though . I'm still positive to think that it will still grow.. :)) haha..

    1. Hello There! :) Good to know you bought JFC (one of my favorites)!

      JFC has a good earning potential, I bet 5 years down the line - we'll both be dancing a *happy dance* (God's willing) :D

  3. what are the steps to invest? hope to hear from you. thanks!

    1. Hello Ana - feel free to click through the Money Matters header on CMK blog :)


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