Thursday 16 January 2014


Last year, our family spent the Christmas Eve at Ace Hotel & Suites. I've been one of their regular clients way back 2009, however, it's my first time to try their other branch.

They have two branches, one located at Quezon City and the other at Pasig. Ace Hotel & Suites is located at Pasig. We've discovered that this branch is much, much closer from where we live. 

I've learned to manage my expectations since last December 2012 - I set it up so high but ended up a wee bit disappointed. I'm talking about our experience at Microtel Mall of Asia (Review HERE). It's not horrible, but there's nothing worth returning to, either. 

Lo and behold - I have another story to tell on our 2013 Christmas Adventure!

I am such a low-maint gal in terms of beds. Ace's plush beds exceed my expectations. Their sheets are crisp and has that mild flower fragrance. Pillows are carefully arranged that we have to get hold of ourselves NOT to dive just yet - since we need to capture a picture of an unfazed, good looking bed. It's fit to be shared by 2. Ideal for a family of 4. They also have a free bottle of wine (of which you'll see on the next batch of pictures).

I chose to do some work on a Christmas afternoon and they're okay with that. Our family is drama-free in terms of one's career choices. It's only a couple of hours though so no quality time was wasted. It's just that I missed a couple of TV programs they're laughing about.

Their study area is lovely! They thought of everything. A good connection, a neat power outlet structure, phone line, and a kind-to-the-back office chair. I appreciate that the area is well-lighted too! 

As mentioned earlier, they have a complimentary bottle of wine along with their coffee and tea. Their mini-toiletries are worth a second look too. Their comfort room is extra special too. They have bidet, sink is very user friendly plus the basic shower with heater. Aside from their office desk, they also have a mini desk that holds your other stuff. Their towels and sheets? They passed my sniff test.

The fact that I'm thinking of coming back in the middle of the year is a big giveaway! This hotel is worth your money. Speaking of which, I think we spent approximately Php 7,000 in total. This includes an overnight stay, buffet breakfast for 4 and Ace Water Spa {4-hour hydrotherapy massage} for 4. As it's only Christmas that we're absolutely together for more than a day - planning a getaway is continuously becoming a ritual for us. -CMK



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