Wednesday 3 July 2013


I've been meaning to write a happy post about the things I love about having an iPhone with a reliable connection the past months. This stemmed from one instance when there was a power outage but I managed to work online (thanks to Globe hotspot). More on that later.

WHY AM I GLAD TO BE GLOBE AGAIN? Let's count the ways...

WORK. In my quest to achieve work life balance, being mobile is inevitable! Checking mails and accessing our software is a breeze even when outdoors. Spending time with friends is possible while accessing your inbox for a while (emphasis: for a while). Doing facetime and Skype with your lovelies is possible though you're miles away. Mom was super OC when we braved the underground river in Palawan. Her imagination has a tendency to run really wild.

BLOG. These days, I publish my draft posts on the way. Whether on my way to business, events or random errands, I find it mighty convenient to publish posts early in the morning with my phone. Admittedly, connections vary on each area but good to know that Mega Manila has a healthy supply of cell sites making it easier to publish comments and do blog stuff without your laptop. Picture was during a product launch from Belo Medical Group.

INVEST. If you're a regular on my blog, Money Matters series is an on going thingy every week or two. Now that I'm invested in PSEi commonly known as the Philippine Stock Market, I (honestly) check my portfolio each day. I also tried to buy and sell shares of stock using my phone and I did it all without any hassle. You know how timing is relevant specially if you're bargain hunting those elusive blue chip companies.

BACK-UP PLAN. This is my favorite. You know the feeling when you're so engrossed on your work and the power just went kaput {insert angry face here}??! I owe this discovery to my younger brother. He taught me how to create a hotspot. I'm ecstatic to know that the connection speed is good! So even when the lights are out, you can see me tickling over my 2 monitors with Gmail, Skype and Software Apps on.

NO HIDDEN CHARGE. I've been with Globe since my college days. I switched from Prepaid to Postpaid plan years ago. Latest was when I availed their iPhone deal. I appreciate the fact that when they say it's Php 1,799 a month. That's your tab. No hidden charges whatsoever. This translates to predictable budget periodically. This alone is a good enough reason why my whole family switched to Globe! 

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is my entry to Nuffnang's GLAD TO BE GLOBE STORY. My Ms. Hyde (as opposed to Dra. Jekyll) keeps saying I can't win (because I seldom do specially on raffle contests). At some point, I stopped tickling my keyboard, then again, LIFE IS TOO SHORT to stop trying,  don't you think? 

In case you're curious, here's Nuffnang's bulletin. For mechanics, click HERE.



  1. So this is the one like in Kim Atienza's twitter, too. I was planning to join it, since I'm a sucker for giveaways (y), but I don't use globe for almost a year already.. Though I have filed an application (For a plan 1799, too but S4 as the gadget) just yesterday. So.... goodluck on your entry Ms. K! I hope you'll win this! ☺☺☺

  2. Goodluck!!! Never stop believing! :)

    Hope u win!

  3. we never know Miss K until we try. So keep your fighting spirit burning! :)

    btw, Globe always bug tatay about the plans, which I think was reasonable, he's been loading Php100 per week and I guess he'll be saving more if he'll avail Globe's postpaid plans. Matigas ulo po eh. Hihi. Pero I don't bother questioning his decision, pera naman niya pinapangload niya eh. hihi. I sometimes share his load to my phone pa nga eh, telling myself na babayadan ko kahit nakakalimutan ko naman after a day or two. mehehe :P

  4. I've been a Globe subscriber since I was in grade 6 and I think going from prepaid to plan really saves a lot of money & time(load kasi ng load hehehe).


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