Thursday 4 July 2013


Don't you just love out of the box color combinations? Since color pop has emerged from last year, this specific combination caught my eye. I adore how vibrant a hot pink and glaring orange pair can do. Add a hint of royal blue, and you're set. These whole getup is not a new comer. If you're into my Fashion Alerts series, you'll see that the tangerine shorts has graced my Halloween fashion post (HERE).

Fuchsia Top from Details, The Landmark
Thrifted Tangerine Shorts from The Landmark Bazaar
Flip flops from Havainas
Bag from Charles and Keith
Heart Shaped Necklace from Bangkok

I've stumbled upon some nice color combination to try. Help yourselves, ladies. 

Lastly, here's an interesting quote to cap your fashion fix for the day. 
In my book, FASHION should be acceptably comfortable.

Fashion and comfort can work hand in hand. -CMK



  1. I love the slippers! Matches your outfit!;) i also like wearing shocking colors of clothes! Hehe

  2. Bright colors really makes a statement! I like red & blue together :)

  3. I love the top's color but I didn't know it would go with tangerine. Hehe. Sometimes, I find it hard to match colors in my outfit.. afraid to match strong colors. Most of the time, I pair striking colors with black or white to balance and to not make it look like it's fiesta time. Haha! But this one doesn't look bad though. It's cute and pleasing to the eyes. I think next time, I just have to wear what I feel like wearing and make it a statement itself. ☺

  4. hot pink made you HOT! :) im not into bright colors cause its pretty hot in our place, I always prefer wearing white or pastel shirt/any top, but I don't have any guts to wear shorts :( I still don't have the confidence :( it made me felt so insecure about my knees :(

    btw, I like your nice heart necklace Miss K :)


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