Friday 5 July 2013


Salon-treated hair may sometimes equate to damaged tresses if not taken care of. While it's true that digi-permed and colored hair are nice to have, making sure they get enough nutrients are mandatory... and it takes an effort to maintain. I once saw on CMK's comments section a question on what products to apply. Reader has just got a digiperm treatment, that's why. Let me give you a three-part answer to that question. It depends on where are you heading. 

Scenario 1: Important Meetings, Hang out with friends, 
Ra-rampa (in gay lingo)
Main goal is to maintain the perm while keeping your hair hydrated. 
♣ Squirt a generous amount of Dove serum and lather them in your hair.
♣ Part your hair in half. Apply a one-peso coin sized Gatsby wax.
♣ Twirl your hair on an inward motion. As Mr. Shin shares, 
you TWIST and TWIRL. See more of my hair saga, HERE.
♣ Staying power is about 8 hours. Downside is your hair has a 
tendency to be stiff, a by-product of using hard wax. However, wax is 
what parlors suggest since it offers the most 
prolonged staying power for digipermed hair.

Scenario 2: Weekend in Tagaytay, Hitting the gym or planaforma
This one's easy peasy. You just need to spray a hefty amount of mousse on your hair and that's it! Make sure your hair is semi-dry before you apply. This comes in handy if time is of the essence. Waves will last for at least 2 hours and then it will hang loose. For detailed review, visit my Finesse feature post HERE.

Scenario 3: You're just chilling in your home sweet home
Everyday, our hair needs extra boost of serum. After you washed your hair, make sure that you lather a generous drips of oil. I suggest you use Dove serum but there are so many options according to your taste and budget. As for me, I'm now on my 3rd bottle. I like that my hair fall was lessened. Click HERE to get a glimpse of my Dove regimen these days.

Lastly, (it's a wee bit out of topic but) this picture had me staring at my monitor for quite some time. We seem to be unforgiving these days. Or maybe it's just me. So when I come across this poster, it was such a PUNCH-IN-MY-FACE moment. I could not expound more. Just see for yourself. Have a wonderful weekend babe! -CMK



  1. I experienced the same punch in the face moment on the photo. It's like a sign on what's been happening to me hehehehe. Finesse is one of my trusted hair products. Having this long curly hair, it's really a must :)

  2. I use finesse too. I love using it with my hair because its so soft even when u put it in your hair. Unlike other brands, i feel like i put a bottle of spraynet hehe

  3. Yes Miss K, beauty product applications may vary depending on the situation po talaga. :)

    Pero yung curl defining mousse got me curious, ngayon ko lang po narinig yun eh :D

  4. My hair is very much of a bipolar. Sometimes, it looks good but sometimes, the other way around. I haven't used any of these yet but I'm eyeing on buying a dove serum for my treated hair. Or are there any other products you could recommend? I have long dry, treated hair. Hihi Thanks for this review! :)


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