Monday 8 July 2013


When you have to attend a wedding and will play a sort-of crucial part {cough* Maid of Honor cough*}, there's an unwritten pressure to lose weight. Or at least to maintain a status quo measurement, otherwise, you'll burst with your gown and no one likes to experience that ordeal!

That plus the fact that I need to be healthy prompted me to explore the narrow territory of healthy eating. It so happened that my friends are health-conscious too, and they are ranting how gewd Mary Grace Caesar Salad is. So here's a mini-review, just in case you want to give it a green light.

What: Mary Grace Caesar Salad
Branch: Robinsons Manila, Greenbelt
Budget: Php 230 (approx.) per bowl
Best Paired with: Brewed Coffee with Almond
For some more reviews about 
Mary Grace Cafe, click HERE.

☺Romaine Lettuce and the other greens are of superior quality. 
It is crispy and fresh with no bitter after taste.

☺ Bountiful serving. If you think eating greens won't fill your stomach's 
hungry pangs, you're more likely wrong. It's a plate-full of goodness.

☺The Dressing. I am a sucker for dressing. I'm the type of eater 
who always requests for a second help of dressings and sauce.

Chicken and Bacon Bits, Present! How's that for a healthy eat? 
Of course, it's in moderation. But the chicken chunks 
are noticeable. Very good!

Ka-ching constraint. If you'll replace your lunch with this good, 
fresh and healthy alternative, there's a cost to pay. 

Croutons are extra-difficult to bite. I got paranoid since my braces 
have just been removed early last year and I want to remain brace-free.
 I bit one piece and crack! Good thing there's no damage done. Whew!

After eating a hefty amount of 'real food', I felt real good. 
I reckoned that this should not end after my good friend's wedding. 
It should actually be a LIFESTYLE. 
Like inhaling good air instead of the bad, 
I'll try to eat real food instead of the fake ones. -CMK



  1. Kindaaa expensive hihihihi! But loooks delish ha! :)

  2. This looks delicious!! I'm gonna try this one when I drop by at Greenbelt :)

  3. Ay, when will be the wedding Miss K? The dress/gown(?) really looks great on you :D

    the serving is a bit costly, but it since it's so healthy, you're paying for a good food. I'm planning to make caesar salad at home, then I found out that the dressing is made of a bunch of olive oil, well at least if it's a good quality of it.

    1. Hi Myx! Sometime in August. Thanks for the feedback :) It's really yummy though yes - costly :D

    2. Wow! My Birth month :D don't tell me it's on August 24 Miss K. hihi

  4. Not a fan of veggies but this one... it looks very delish!!! *Drooling* :3 :)


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