Tuesday 2 July 2013


So there I was, walking in the ghastly heat at Bangkok, Thailand. While watching the brave folks dipping their head inside the crocodiles wide mouth. Without tricks! 0.0 Wah. Even when my 2 hands were clasped onto my mouth, I still can sense my shrieks echoing along with the crowd. It took me about 10 minutes to stay, and I raised my hands... I can't take it anymore. I'll have ice cream instead. Haha!

As I was crossing the bridge, I asked mom to please snap a shot for me. That was an awesome shot. My blue shorts was ripped open. Comown! But hey, thankfully I recalled I have my trusty shawl with me. This doesn't warrant a tutorial since folding a shawl is a no-brainer. But let's just go through the motion, shall we?
Step 1: Spread the shawl within your tummy area and assess how long do you want  your skirt to go. You can adjust by folding the topmost part (think of the folds like a belt).
Step 2: Wrap the shawl around your waist and create a nice, little knot that will serve as a corsage. Best to place them to the sides (left or right).

What's funny was, after I went to the washroom... I tried to unzip then zip my shorts again. Lo and behold! The magic zipper worked again. Life's surprises! What's the point of this post again? Nothing, really. Oh, maybe it's best to bring a shawl or two on your next travel! You'll never know. As I tick my keyboard now, I thought: Sometimes, life is like that, it doesn't make sense. So don't overthink things. Okay? Smile :) -CMK



  1. Wow! If it happened to me, ill just cry! Haha! Big thanks to the shawl! Nice one! I never thought that it can be a skirt. I always use that as higaan when im at the beach

  2. Thanks to your magic shorts that you were able to share this post and remind us to always bring a shawl for accidents such as. Hihi

  3. hehe, don't over think things! check! :D

    this never happened to me, and not even thinking to happen to me in the future. yes, awkward as it is. but your shawl was unexpectedly multipurpose Miss K :) buti na lang po may dala ka, or else you'll be covering your back with your bag throughout the day, everytime nagkakastain yung mga classmates ko before :P it is really important to be ready everytime we aren't at home, anything may happen in snap of a finger or blink of an eye.

    I guess there's a thing now you'll never forget to bring whenever you're on a trip now. :) A shawl! :D

  4. One of the oops moment hihi. I admire you for being creative and keeping your cool on this moment. Kung sa akin nangyari yan, baka nagsisigaw na ako. Hihihi. Thanks for the shawl-slash-skirt tip :D


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