Monday 1 July 2013


In my quest to find a healthy and fresh alternative to chemical-packed food and drinks, I found a haven that is virtually everywhere! I'm sure that you've seen this pink and blue fruit kiosk somewhere. Specially when you're within Makati and Manila.

Way before, I thought prices were sky high, but not really. Bear in mind that fresh food is costlier to maintain because if they are not sold within the day, it can't be recycled anymore. All the more why I appreciate fresh bars like this and Juju Eats (click HERE).

This specific branch is within Mall of Asia. They have one in Greenbelt, Glorietta and The Enterprise Center. They offer sandwiches, pasta and super delicious drinks. Feast your eyes on these healthy numbers. I've also included a snap shot of their menu with prices.

My favorite is their drink called Supercharger. It has a mixture of strawberry, grapes, mango and other cool stuff. When combined, brace yourself for a yummy boost. ♣ Tip: If you don't dig too-sweet shakes, you may ask the lovely Big Chill Lady for a 20% sugar only. Note that mangoes are sweet by default, hence you can be easy on the sugar.

I have friends who love Wheatgrass shots (personally, I find it too bitter). They offer this too but thing is they have a tendency to be out-of-stock recently. Here are their power and splendid blends complete menu:
I want to try their Power Breakfast. I've been told that they can be a dieter's alternative to lunch or brekky. For a Php 115 (biggest tub), that's affordable. Lastly are their Chef-designed salad and pasta. I haven't tried any of them, when I do, I'll keep you posted.
 Having a healthy lifestyle is easier these days compared to 2 years ago. Are you making a conscious effort to ditch the junk and switch to healthy food and drinks? -CMK


  1. I love this! It's really great to skip junk foods and jump into healthier foods! :)

  2. Still dont understand why Jamba juice is so expensive when BIG CHILL, Fruitas offers the same products too hehe, i love fresh fruit shakes, juices.. so proud to say i dont eat junk foods. but i ate a lot of carbo haha!

    1. Hey Czes :) Agree! I think it's because fruits & stuff from Jamba Juice are imported from US while Big Chill ingredients are homegrown.

      Good job on you not eating junk foods anymore! :D

  3. I'd love to try switching to fresh herbs and fruits, but my parents just can't rid of pizza and other pastry products when they got us a conventional oven. -_- everyday there's a bun, banana cake, carrot cake. I know they're still healthy stuffs but they're rich in carbs. hayst. :/ I bloat day by day I guess :(


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