Friday 28 June 2013


There are days when you just realized you need a good massage. Not that you're dog-tired from head to foot, it's more of you want to shut off for a minute or two making you go to an inevitable place-to-be also known as spas. Contrary to most notion, spas can be affordable yet 'dignified' too. Some equate wallet-friendly spas with a motel-like orientation.

Meet a spa that won't cause a major dent in  your wallet plus have it within the comforts of a mall. Here's NATURE'S WAY AROMATHERAPY SALON. I bumped into this haven while strolling candidly on one of SM Malls located within south.

☺Affordable. For about Php 400, you can have a whole body massage. I availed the Swedish massage and it's not far from what I've had on other famous spa houses. Ate also granted all my request to smash my nodules and apply pressure points on my battered shoulders (a by-product of hours and hours eyeball with my two monitors).
☺ Same (or better) massage strokes. Some spas are overrated that they take pride on their wet floors, outer facades, etc. But hey, you're there to get the massage service among all else, and in this department, Nature's Way delivers. It can be at par (or even better) than the big names in spa industry.
☺Within the mall. I think that's a big plus. I honestly won't go to hole in the wall massage parlors, for safety purposes.

Their simple bedding, you ask? Find out after the jump!

☻Room temperature was unusually warm. It was somewhat raining when I went there, but it's on the borderline of comfortable vs. uncomfortable kind of warm. The attendant was pleasant enough to say the centralized air condition has problems. And so I nodded and smiled.
☻Exterior, as a whole. It was more like a salon with massage room. When you enter their premises, first sight you'll see is clients sitting for their foot spa regimen. Good thing the massage room is located on the inner part. Their towels are clean but of inferior value.

Let's put it this way, the fee (I guess) pays for the massage services and other minor overhead expenses. I totally expect there's no grand amenities, whatsoever. It would be nice though if they'll invest on some improvement and light some areas so that it won't be mistaken for anything other than a spa (you know what I mean).
Overall, it was worth it. I can sense that my stiff muscles were gently relaxed that same night. What's happy to know is that it's 50% the cost of my regular spa budget. If you're curious, you may want to check if there's Natures Way Spa within your area. Click HERE for more details. By the way, what can you say about the quote? Agree or Disagree? -CMK


  1. Just checked. So sad they don't have it at SM North.

    Anyway, the saying above..
    Agree. We cant care for others when we dont know how to taka care of ourselves first. Every day you have the choice to take care of yourself. Think of it as an act of survival.

    1. Aww... Hope they'll open one at SM North. And oh yes, it's a necessity, not luxury. Taking good care of yourself - that is. :D

  2. I wish I can have some siesta here. Mom strongly disagree whenever I talk about relaxing and having a massage in a spa. It's my ultimate dream to experience a foot spa but she never allows me to do so. She'll prefer to visit her favorite hot spring in Laguna -_- kahit pera ko yung gagamitin ayaw pa rin nya :( Kahit po sabihin kong ililibre ko siya, tsk.

  3. My mom's looking for a relaxing place and I think this one is great! But the nearest one is in SM Manila pa pala. But will definitely visit here soon. And I agree with the quote. We should really take care of ourselves. It's not being selfish, it's being responsible to ourselves :D


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