Thursday 18 July 2013


Human bodies are not designed to run on a full speed every time. That's why when overworked, you'll fall asleep even when you're in a bus or worse, in the middle of a meeting. Rest has so many forms and for me, checking in a hotel once is a well-deserved break specially if you've been working hard the past weeks.

Our family has checked in at Parque Espana after attending my cousin's wedding. Wedding was at New Life Christian Center Alabang and the hotel is 15 minutes away from the church. Place (well, Alabang in general) is less crowded compared to other cosmopolitan districts and I appreciate that! You can take a hiatus from everyday elbow-to-elbow scenes at last!

The minute I opened the door, I jumped (a bit) in amazement because it's like a house within a hotel. It resembles the one I've stayed in Prague, Czech Republic. They say this type of arrangement has a name - Condotel.

What's in a Room?
There's a mini-sala with flat screen tv. Floor length ecru curtains add more drama specially on sunrise or sunset. Dine-in table is good for 4. There's even a luggage corner. Overall: arrangement is minimalist with neutral colors capped with wood parquet flooring.

Elegance is in the details.
This, by far, is the most quality-slash-budget friendly hotel I've ever stayed. There's an iPod dock, coffee maker, microwave oven, neat sink, complete toiletries, pen (with quality ink) and pad etc. I also loved their complimentary banana chips! Yum. Place is spacious too.

What's the view from the top?

I rushed into the bedroom and opened the curtains on both sides. Lo and behold! A cinematographic view of Alabang! Their bedding are plush and they smell nice! There's also a little table just in case you need to write a few things. Just staring at the green and blue view for 3 minutes will put your mind at ease. Can I stay here for a month?! :)

Good Morning, Breakfast! 
Okay, before this hotel saga, I had a not-so-nice experience one morning at Microtel Mall of Asia (more about this, HERE). And so, I self-talked and quipped: I need to lower down my expectation. When I entered their Bistro del Cielo, I smiled, because the place is, again, less crowded - contrary to my previous escapade. By less crowded, I mean, there are only two guests that time. Heh. 

Their buffet breakfast is nice but nothing super to rant about. They have muffins, cereals, pancit, fruits and my staple... brewed coffee! They also have the usual butter and jam plus different breads. Their fresh fruit selection is my favorite.

Can you take me to the pool?
On the roof deck, they had a pool. Good thing there aren't too many visitors hence, we enjoyed the dip with peace and quiet. Pool is only 4 feet (if I'm not mistaken) and the view is overlooking Laguna and Alabang! You can swim for a few laps or carry a conversation with the family. Talking in the pool is a best way to ensure there'll be no cellphone distractions! Cleverrrr! :)

I only have nice words to say about the place. This is a NOT sponsored post, for the record. Tab is Php 5,000 (approx) good for 4 pax. More details on their site HERE. I bought our reservation via Asiatravel like what I usually do. I have a separate post about it HERE. Rates are relatively low, by experience.

You know what they say? Take time to show mom and dad how much you love them, because one day, they'll be gone. It's either you'll marry or go abroad or they go somewhere else. Either way, seize the moment guys! -CMK



  1. Alabang is one of my favorite places. It's near home and it's not full of people unlike other places in Manila or somewhere else. This hotel looks fantastic! Very elegant place and a nice place to relax with family :)

  2. I can clearly see the place in your photos! Hurray! :D
    You have a lot of hotel choices in Alabang. Is it okay to use their oven Miss K? Minsan kasi kahit yung mga range hindi pinapagamit ng hotel eh, lalo na kapag residential :/

    1. Thanks Myx :) About the oven, we didn't use it. We got our food (take-out) from ATC. Haha. Imaximize ang relax mode >:)

    2. you forgot something here Miss K :P You said anything about the staffs :O

  3. Gersie Plaza Verin18 July 2013 at 14:27

    Wow.. I love the room.. just by looking at the picture's you'll surely have a very relaxed stay here :)

  4. You know what they say? Take time to show mom and dad how much you love them, because one day, they'll be gone. It's either you'll marry or go abroad or they go somewhere. I loved it! Anyway, that's really a nice place. It's so refreshing! And the pool! Hehehe

    1. true Ate czes, that's why my greatest agenda is to bring my parents on a trip outside RP :)

  5. @ Louise: 2 thumbs up for Parque Espana.

    @ Gers: Very nice place. Specially the pool :)

    @ Czes: Thank you! The mom and dad part - very true, isn't it.

  6. Hi Miss K, I visited Parque Espana yesterday :D which was situated in the middle of wilderness. hehe :D I should have visited early so we could meet :D

  7. I love the last part of the blog! Its one of the things I'm planning on doing in the future- having to spend real quality time with my parents in a very warm and relaxing place. I missed my dad so much and I hope that when I bring Mom to places such as, he would be very happy about it up there. :)

    You can try checking in at Acacia Hotel in Alabang. Its a very luxurious hotel, I'm not really aware of how much our bill was but I can say that the place is worth the price. :)

  8. Nice place! :) Wish I can land my feet in here. But i'll save some money first! :)


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