Friday 19 July 2013


Happy Friday! Consider this as on OOON (out of office notice) of some sort. Will set my foot to other lands (with S) in the next coming days! You know how much I love traveling! It's like.... a drug! Yes! I am an inborn travel addict >:) It gives me such a happy hormone just by merely talking about it! God's willing, I'll be back with lots of stories to tell. One last quote, if you like:a


Mighty hug and kisses for now! See ya soon! -CMK


  1. Gersie Plaza Verin19 July 2013 at 06:51

    Enjoy your vacation ate :) Can't wait for more of your kwentossss.. for sure you've got a lot of pasalubong stories to us :)

  2. Enjoy!! Looking forward to reading your travel blogn

  3. Wow! Bon voyage/happy trip Miss K :D Take care and don't forget our pasalubong :D hehe :D

  4. Enjoy your trip Miss K! I/We will be waiting for your stories! <3

  5. have a safe and happy trip!

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    Chamee of PIXELS AND TALES

  6. Aww! I'm so inggit!! Lately, I've been very busy with my work (Yes, I'm already hired!! :)) that's why I wasn't able to read your blog posts. But here I am, enjoying reading your posts on my free day! I hope you're enjoying your trip, too, as much as I am enjoying my only free day every week! Toodles!!! :)

  7. Have a safe trip! :) Travelling is sich a wonderful thing to do. You get to escape from all the stress and problems, etc! :)) excited for your stories to tell us :)


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