Wednesday 17 July 2013


I do have a sticky feature - if I like something (food, clothes, lipstick shade) - I tend to be loyal on the brand to infinity and beyond. Of course the infinity part is an exaggeration ☺Kidding aside, when me and my friends watched Superman not so recently, we spotted a Burgoo at Rockwell. We tried their Seafood Supreme Caesar Salad (among many others) and that was it! I fell in love at first crunch.

And so - when I spotted (again) another Burgoo at SM Mall of Asia this time, I self-talked. It's so costly. But yummy. It's costly. But healthy. It's costly. But plenty. And due to the buts - I gave in! :)) See? Madali akong kausap when  it comes to food!  

I felt a wee bit shy as I came in as a second customer on a Sunday lunch. 

However, my katakawan won. And so, I ordered this and eat them all by myself. A very, very important note: That was the only dish I had for lunch. Plus water. Bow :D

Salad was filled with seafood stuff (obviously). It has a hefty amount of squid, shirmps and fish. The caesar salad dressing was not too much but very tasty. It also has shredded crab sticks and croutons on the side. Romaine lettuces are fresh too! They have a regular and to share plate. I ordered the to-share one (please don't be judgmental) and that kept me going for another 4 hours. Healthy eats no less. Though mind that the sea food were fried.

There goes my name! Only thing is, it was spelled another way. It's should be Kristine with a K. Okay? :) Look at the brown doodle above our next picture.

I only have good words for this yummy dish except for the price. Tab is a whopping Php 420+ alone. Well, Burgoo is a fine dining restaurant so charges are understandable. If you know a friend who vows not to eat Caesar Salads, put him/her on a dare and see if this dish pass their taste test. Whoever loses will pay the bill! Game? :) Healthy lifestyle starts NOW! -CMK


  1. I love your its and buts! Hahahaha! Me too, i spend too much when it comes to food! Grabe!

  2. Seafood is my favorite! And this one looks really delicious. But it's so expensive! :O

  3. FOURRR-RR HUUUNNNDDRREED TWWEEENNNTTYYY PLLLUUUSSS!?! My Gulay! :O Sabagay yun po yung mas madaming serving right? How much po yung regular?

    It doesn't matter if it's costly, ang mahala, it's healthy and I think you really enjoyed the dish Miss K :D And atleast, no cracks happened with the croutons :)

  4. I love shrimps, squid and fish! I love seafood alot!!! I'm drooling over all your salad posts right now, though I'm not a veggie fan. Hihi! But this one is real expensive o_O


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