Wednesday 12 June 2013


When you have a salon-treated hair, the search for the best hair product will always be on, perpetually. Maybe it's our way of making up to the nutrients that were stripped off during the digiperm and coloring processes. If  you've been following my blog, Silk Secrets brand is no new-comer, I've done a road test on another flavor not so recently, check out my previous review HERE. I love anything that's cool or minty, hence when Watsons announced a buy-2, take-1 promo, I bought this.


☺That old Fa-minty feeling. It's minty and though the flavor reminds
 me of a particular brand of toothpaste, I love the cooling effect altogether.
☺Quantity. For approximately, Php 200 you'll get a tub full of coolness.

TIP #1: Use this once a week. Since this is a hot oil treatment, 
it's highly suggested that you use the product once (or twice) each week. 
Not a matter of life or death if you fail to do this, but best to be cautious still. 

TIP #2: Allow the product to settle on your hair strands but not thoroughly 
on your scalp and roots. By experience, deeply settled substances can cause dandruff.


☻Bland strands. I noticed after weeks of using the product: 
my hair feels dry and coarse than usual. Sure it's dry to begin with
 but I am expecting an acceptable level of smoothness after rinsing my locks, 
unfortunately, it failed on this department.
☻ Dandruff episodes. Oh no. This specific flavor is 
not kind to my scalp! This alone made me stop using the tub.
☻Falling hair alert. It's not a drastic bunch of strands 
but it's noticeable. Made me conclude that we're not 
meant to be as I'm not hiyang.


Obviously, I won't be purchasing this specific type again. Be mindful that this may or may not work for you. There are more flavors of Silk Secrets brand, you may want to try which ones suit you best.

Side Note: I've realized that publishing an honest, fresh from experience, 
unbiased review is not always easy. Yet, I am definitely sure it's worth it. 
Honesty is the best policy. That holds true, even in blog reviews. -CMK



  1. oh. i saw this once im at the mall and thinking of buying it because of mt dry hair.. but... wag nalang. thanks for this review ;)

    1. Hello! You may want to try the other variants. I got the white one. Suits me fine. Di lang talaga siguro hiyang sa Peppermint variant nila ♥

  2. treated my hair twice yet I'm not using any product kaya siguro frizzy and super damaged na po yung hair ko -_- I was advised just to use Tresamme conditioner by a friend of mine before, better look for something like this next time I visit Watsons :D

  3. sobrang dry na ng hair ko dahil sa coloring. Johnson's oil lang before taking a bath sa hair then wrapped it with a hot towel. cheap but effective! :)

  4. It's been long since I've tried using a hot oil treatment at home. It was from Watsons too but sure its not this brand. I'm planning to buy two again, since it always comes in buy 1 take 1, but thanks to this and the other Silk Secrets' review I'd consider buying their products! ☺

    1. true, they always have a buy 1 take 1 promo with Watsons Treatment wax in different variants kahit po hindi expired :D

    2. i mean, hindi pa pa-expire :P

  5. the best that i used is silk secrets with virgin coconut oil

  6. smells so good. btw, nakalagay sa likod na recommended for daily use daw. so sino paniniwalaan ko? tip #1 mo or yun??


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