Tuesday 11 June 2013


Tea Dresses. 1920's. Little Women. Easy afternoon chat. Those are the key words that I think of each time I hear 'tea dresses'. Dress has been around for months but it's only now that I got the chance to feature it on this series. Nothing major, really. Yet, I love its neon yellow and blue contrast, I must say.

You'll have a good guess why I bought a nice slim Havaianas. Just pair it with good ole nude pumps and you're good to go at the board room. For a walkathon-ready getup, just slip your trusy Havs. Remember, fashion and style depends on one special factor, and that factor is YOU! It never fails to amaze me that women of all colors and shapes are starting to embrace their own fashion style. This is liberating, people! On the other news, somebody's snapping a quick shot!

Neon Yellow Tea Dress from Betty
Slim Bright Blue Slippers from Havaianas
Wedge (just bought this one) from Celine
Watch from Fossil
Bag from Charles & Keith 

Peg board for today looks interesting. I love Numbers 5 and 9!

 And number 1 too! I just love dresses. Period. ☺-CMK


  1. This blog is amazing!! I got a new idea how to dress up like how women dress up before! :)

    1. Thanks Ney! Hope to see more of your comments here in this blog ♥

  2. your wedge is soooo.. i love it. i love dresses too. i go for girly fashion style :)

  3. lovely tea dress! :D love the blue-yellow combi! :D and No. 4's my bet! :D so classy, best worn with a pair of flats, ballet flats perhaps :D my thing! <3

  4. the dress looks good on you!! plussss I love your flops! soo classy. :)

  5. I love the dress!! <3

  6. The dresses! My feels for #1 dress.. ♥


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