Thursday 13 June 2013


Hi Ken! You thinking about saving, having your own business and being brave enough to ask questions deserve a round of slow clap dude! It's always a good thing to be young and rich-er. We need to define first (in simple terms, of course) whether you want to save or invest. Saving is keeping your money while Investing is growing your money. Click HERE for some more kwentos.

If you're thinking of investing: You need to know yourself first. Yes - like psychology type of thing! You need to talk to yourself and finalize:

♣ What's my goal?
♣ How much is my budget?
♣ What's my time frame? (Is it okay for me to invest my money within 6 months, 1 year, etc?)
♣ What's my risk profile? Don't be intimidated by the term. It's a matter of makakatulog ka ba during night time if you invested into something that can earn Php 1,000 today but has a probability to lose Php 1,000 the next day, likewise?

Well thought-of answers to these questions can make a huge difference. You see,  you don't have to be a number-person to be able to get your feet wet. You can visit the following (physically or via web):

1. Banks. Drop by at your friendly bank branch and ask them what are the available investment options for you. List your answer on the 4 questions above so they can have a glimpse on your goals and profiles.

Suggestion: Banco De Oro (BDO), Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Metrobank

2. Investment Institution. You may explore other options like mutual funds. I have my friends (not me) who are invested in mutual funds (think ipunan) and they're happy on the returns. 

Suggestion: Sun Life (Like them on Facebook, HERE), Colayco Foundation (click HERE). On a side note, Sun Life is not only an insurance company, they also have investment options.

3. Stock Market. This gives you a good return but the time frame is encouraged to be 1 year or longer. I am particularly invested in stock market too. You'll notice that some of my Money Matters posts talk about the stock market.

Suggestion: If you want to give this a try, invest on a comfortable money level first. Minimum is Php 5,000. For a starter, check the mechanics on How to Open a COL account, HERE.

I hope I didn't overwhelm you. I was about to answer with only Option #1 (banks) but I thought, why not give you other juicy options too?! In my opinion, since you're still young, you may want to try and check the stock market. You can visit COL Financial personally at Ortigas and ask the friendly representatives just about anything. Happy Investing! Slow clap again for ya! -CMK



  1. I have read somewhere na you should divide your money like this: 50% on essentials like utilities and transportation. 20% on future which includes SSS contribution and emergency funds. 30% on fun stuff (shopping, travel, entertainment) :)

    1. Hi Ella, percentages look good. It's about time young peeps start investing :D

  2. and instead of saving money in a bank, pwede din i-try mag buy ng stocks. hope this one helps. :)

    1. Definitely! And it's a high time to buy at PSE now. All stocks are on sale. ;)

  3. I'll tell my parents about this. I think this is a great idea. Thanks for this!! :)

  4. stocks are really good investment. I'm planning to have one.


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