Friday 14 June 2013


Last 8th of June, Majolica Majorca held one if its Mascara Face Off Events. That day, it was Team Tara vs. Team Marj. Flashback last week, I saw Majolica Majorca tweeted the event's promotion, in support of Tara - I thought of joining, and alas it was meant to be. Here we were! Meet Team Tara: Yours Truly, Jheng, Mara and Tellie plus her ever-supportive boyfriend :)

Mechanics are easy: Sell as many Lash King Mascaras as we can. Easier said than done. Oh yes, I couldn't agree more! ☺Here are the TOP 5 THINGS I'VE LEARNED AT MAJOLICA MAJORCA EVENT:

I am now in awe whenever I see a smiling sales lady in the mall. Admittedly, I shoo them away when my days are blah. My script was like: *grin* I'm not interested, thank you! *grin* then walk away. Now that I've experienced how it was to be a sales lady, I have nothing but respect (and I feel you attitude) for them.

At some point, I believe I'm an impulsive buyer but a good sales person? Uh-oh! After this event, you can just imagine how big my smile is whenever somebody approached me: "Ma'am, why don't you try this lipstick?"

 2. WALKING IN HEELS (OR PLATFORMS) FOR HOURS IS TIRING! BEYOND WORDS! I've spent most of the game hours with Jheng and Tara. At first, I was too shy to admit my legs are really screaming "ARAY KO!" after an hour or so.

However, my apprehensions were relieved when I heard Jheng muttered "Ang sakit na ng paa ko ha!". Yey. I'm normal, somehow.

And to think we're wearing platforms! Generally, a real life sales lady is required to don a stiletto type of heels. And here's the catch. No sitting down for 8 hours. Which brings me back to Lesson #1. 

Selling Majolica Majorca products can be fun since you'll also enjoy introducing and trying them (with customers) along the process.

3. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE AND FUN TIMES WITH FRIENDS. There's a tinge of discomfort honestly since it was only Tara who's my acquaintance. All the others, I've only met for the first time. However, after some rounds of conversation we became comfortable with each other.

It's nice to know that there's plenty of us who share the same interest. Each time we made a sale, we're like: YEHEY!

I am so glad that my team mates can apply mascaras and curl lashes like a pro. Because... I can't! We also noticed something. Some kind of unspoken rule, probably: That when a prospect is in another brand, you don't mingle and introduce your product. Because if you do, the other sales lady will bat off her eyelashes in a mataray way :D

4. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF SMILE (AND A LITTLE PERSUASION). Picture above is a mom-and-daughter tandem. It all started when they're walking around the store without any particular brand in mind. As usual, we delivered our spiel: "Hi Ma'am, do you want to try our Lash King Mascara?" To our surprise, they responded positively! And here's the spectacular part: They bought Majolica Majorca products (worth about Php 5,000). It all started with a smile, a mild pep talk and a gigantic determination. Aja!

5. LIFE IS TOO SHORT. TRY SOMETHING YOU'VE NEVER DONE BEFORE. I knew from the get-go that I'm such a novice in terms of product selling. But hey, so what?! It's all about 'feeling' how to be a sales person for once. These girls (me included) braved the challenge and I guess we all came out of SM Megamall with another set of eyes and heart (specially for our sisters in sales industry).

You may ask, what makes Majolica Majorca's Lash King different? Well, I was once a customer on Team Laureen Uy vs. Team Camille Co face off. Look whose team got my sweet yes! I've also made a review about this amazing product. Click HERE. Enjoy! -CMK

PS: Some pictures are from Majolica Majorca, like them on Facebook. ♥



  1. The packaging looks chic!! I will definitely try this soon! :)

  2. have you rested your feet now Miss K? I know the feeling, metatarsal and fingers hurt the most right?

    your verdict 1&2 were right, pero it came to the point that those sales ladies were annoying, following you where ever you go, asking for the stuffs you're looking for, then my katarayan with spur like this:

    Sales Lady: Yes Ma'am, ano pong hanap nila?
    Me (when super duper annoyed with the following thingy here and there): KAPAYAPAAN!

    haha! then they'll turn their heads away cause they got the point that I don't wanna be bothered and needing time for my own shopping business. hehe. ambad ko minsan. :P

    1. Feet are okay now, thank you :) Haha. Oh yes, we need to be a LOT nicer to them. I've realized walking in heels for a minimum wage is a real tough deal :D

    2. yes yes Miss K :) it just happens often times. :) yet now, I greet them back, in my most sincere way + *puppy eyes* :)

  3. I wore flats so surprisingly, the only challenging thing for me was refraining from buying all the goodies I spotted in the department store, HAHA!

  4. This is a non-related comment on this post. hihi

    Miss K, I was shocked about that food4thought you have in your blog's sidebar. haha, i was shot right in the head, boom! haha (regarding on my previous comment)

    just like what Mame said before, "Kung wala ka rin lang sasabihing maganda, manahimik ka na lang." XD

    1. Haha. Right. I got dumbfounded too when I saw that first time (0.0)

  5. I wanna try this, is it nice and affordable? :)

    1. Hi Ney, Nice? Yes. Affordable? Uhm. Not Really. It's Php 795 each. :D

  6. Now I know how a saleslady feels. Sometimes I feel annoyed but now that I know how they feel because of this post, I understand now :) I think this mascara is great but it's a bit expensive :(


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