Wednesday 13 February 2013



Time flies so fast. Months away and vacation (for students) are at hand.
This leads me to the million dollar question: Which is better, 
a student life or an after-college life? 
Well, each of them has pros and cons. But I'm definitely 
enjoying my career life better! ☺

Fashion Alert entry for today is not really a new-comer.
It's more of a fashion classic. With a twist.
White Blazer with Black Piping is the next big thing this season.

White Blazer with Black Piping from Tomato
Little Black Dress (LBD) from The Landmark
Wedges from Celine

♣ Seize the cold breeze of February.
This piece can work its way from day till night. 
♣ Remember the rule: Long lengths on top means 
short length on the bottom. And vice versa.
♣ Try to stick with earth tones so as not to overdo the getup.

We've got two! First stop is a 4-part showcasing different cuts 
and styles for that white blazer of yours. Notice that as the blazer is 
a bit bulky, the models' pants are all skimpy and leggings-like.
2nd stop is Kirsten Dunst inspired! Any Spider Man can fall for this Mary Jane!
I love how that yellow bag add a spunk to the already perfect outfit.
And if you'll look close enough, there's a tiger-imprinted wedge down below. Rawr!


Green might be 2013's color (click HERE), 
but black and white combo will always be a fashion staple. 
Year after year after year! Have a blast this 2013! -CMK



  1. I've been searching for a blazer for months already, where could I find one with good quality but the price is still right?

    1. SM Department Store, Tomato, The Landmark (Makati) and Bayo have wide choices. Their colored blazers? Super nice and eye candy ♥

    2. you can visit Trends too for cheaper coats and blazers :D

  2. I'm looking for a good quality blazer like this. Where can I find one that's not too expensive? :(

  3. I bought white blazer. But not really good, coz it makes me look big. Unlike in this post, huhu


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