Tuesday 12 February 2013


My sunshiny kind of Blue!

In case this place looks familiar, it's The Enterprise Center in Makati.
I've visited Shinagawa Laser Clinic for my annual check-up.
It's almost a year when I've undergone a LASIK eye surgery (click HERE).
God has been so good to once again give me a 20/20 vision.
Without the hassle of lenses or glasses, I can swim, eat, and yes 
put my face in front of the air con without worrying about dried peepers.

Summer is peeking - with the shoot up of the recent days' temperature,
I bet you'll agree with me. And so - time to resurrect our summer dresses!

Dress from SM (click HERE)
Flip-Flops from Havaianas
Watch from Veloci (click HERE

What's on your mind this Summer?

 Little Extra: Special thanks to mommy for these random iPhone shots.
Also, the BIG CHILL's refreshing combination of Mango, 
strawberry, grape, low fat-yogurt, and 
non-fat milk with Spirulina's super yummy!

Summer 2013 will be here in no time! -CMK

Should I stay or should I go (for BIG CHILL)?!

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