Friday 8 February 2013


Our barkada has been continuing this mini-tradition of going around Binondo Manila in time for Chinese New Year. What's the best pair of our never-ending laughter and chickahan? Food Trip of course! We have scoured this adventurous side of Manila for a gastronomical treat. Following are 7 food spots that our feet (and tummy) have visited. Prepare your Google guys, I bet you'll be searching for these places in no time soon.

Sincerity Chicken
Food Stop #1: Sincerity Chicken
497 Nueva St. Binondo, Manila

Place is famous for their chicken. Looks can be deceiving, what appears as an ordinary fried chicken on the outside may mean a flavorful treat on the inside. I only eat 2 parts of chicken, leg and thigh part. I am never a fan of breast part. I chew those words when we went here. I ate the breast, wing, leg all parts! Except the butt. Heheh.

Authentic Lumpiang Sariwa
Food Stop #2: New Po-Heng Lumpia House
Uy Su Bin Building along Quintin Paredes Street

After 'inhaling' a fair share of cholesterol, we had our healthier fix in New Po-Heng Lumpia house. If there's a literal hole-in-the-wall place, I think this is it. I can't believe my eyes that there's a restaurant inside. Okay, more like a carinderia. But hey, that's what fun about food trip di ba? As long as the food are delicious - all else will be irrelevant. We ordered their classic lumpia, I'd say it's not really that special, but authentic factor-wise, it's 2 thumbs up. From their wrapper (super thick by the way) to the veggies and sauce, it's really a home-grown dish.

Chinese Goodies All Year Round!

Food Stop #3: Eng Bee Tin
628 Ongpin St. Binondo, Manila Philippines

No detailed introduction required! I still remember when I was a bouncing little girl (hmm, well up to now I'm still bouncing naman haha!) - Lolo used to buy me tikoy and loa (peanut rolls) from here. Packaging and place may be different but it's one of my childhood memories indeed. I love how they innovate their products. They now have mochipia (mochi + hopia), they have different tikoy rolls (current fave) and a whole lot more! Price is relatively reasonable. And expect to see many, many branches. Bawat kanto yata ☺

Tasty Goodies
 Food Stop #4: Tasty Dumplings Binondo
620 Ongpin St Binondo, Manila

Among all the food stops, this is my TOP PICK! I can't get enough of their hong-ma (it's the marinated pork soaked with yummy sauce at the top). Best paired with bread. They also have this hearty soup with pork chop. It may not sound swak but they are! ☺By this time our tummies are nearing full tank. Here's an interesting conversation:

Ryan: So, siguro naman makaka order na tayo ng tubig dito?!
Background: we haven't gulped any water since Food Stop #1.
Tawa kami ng tawa!

3 food stops to go!

  Food Stop #5: Wan Chai Tea House
Benavidez Binondo Manila 1006

Place is famous for their quality dimsums. I love their hakao and siomai. Heard that their butchis are crisp and nutty too but my tummy can no longer accommodate. I sipped 2 rounds of their tea since my skirt's turning tight-er by the hour! Side note that Wan Chai is a bit more pricier compared to our other food places.
 Food Stop #6: Masuki (The Original Ma Mon Luk)
931 Benavidez St. Binondo, Manila

Just a gander across Wan Chai Tea House is a home of the best siopao in town! I am always looking forward to take home at least one big siopao (with red egg of course) and a hefty pack of their sauce. You'll notice that their siopaos are newly cooked/steamed every time (probably due to high customer demands). Hay! Typing this post makes me drool. Gulp! 

Food Stop #7:Crepe de Chine
215 Juan Luna Street Binondo, Manila

Well, a good food trip should be capped off by a fantastic dessert don't you think? Hence, we rushed to Crepe de Chine. It's near the more cosmopolitan part of Binondo where business buildings are quite new. You'll be welcomed by a room full of dainty colors. It's like you're having a tea in the garden. Prices can be a little below than Starbucks / CBTL. Have you seen the iced cold glass on the upper right? It's their chocolate banana shake. Yummy! 

And so - that's our version of celebrating Kung Hei Fat Choi! 
Hope I didn't make your tummy roar!
Happy Chinese New Year! -CMK

Note: Portion of Food Stops #1, #2 and #6 
photos are from Google Images.



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