Monday 28 January 2013


First month of the year. New Start. Hope. Beginning. I think of it as punching the "C" or clear button on your life calculator. It is a comforting reality for me to behold another year. With a clean slate. To do better this time. 

Not sure if I'm decided to call this list a TO-DO list. Maybe SPRINGBOARD LIST is more appropriate. Because one item might lead to another then another and the list goes on. 

Some people got tired of creating their new year's resolution out of fear of failing. But trying is better than sitting 60 years from now saying 'what if'. Don't you think?


 Springboard #1: Earn a passive income.
This thought has been brewing in my mind over a couple of months. I've decided that a portion of my money should earn a decent profit. Not 0.0001% that you're getting from the banks. In fairness to bank institutions, they're built on this formula:  Less Risk = Less Return. Likewise, More Risk = More Return.  (This goes for all other businesses) I am a certified public accountant by profession but I am one to say that I'm new on this game. I'd like to emphasize that I want to invest and not to trade stocks. There's a huge difference but let's just say I'll opt a more peaceful approach in earning through stocks! I'll keep you posted on this one.

 Springboard #2: Live a healthy lifestyle.
This should be a nuff-said statement, but I need to make a mental post-it note to eat home-made food, drink fresh juices and sleep 8 hours a day. Plus, commit to do a consistent exercise not only to lose weight but more importantly, to get rid of all the toxins, improve my posture and release stress. Hmmm.. Planaforma anyone? Click HERE. This also includes conquering my fear of needles to have my blood chem checked.

 Springboard #3: Give more.
I have been raised by a family whose not ultra-rich. Yet, one of the core values mom, dad and even Lolo instill on us is we get RICH by GIVING. Reality Check: This is not an overnight transition. And I haven't arrived yet. Still a work in progress. When I was younger, it feels super nice to buy things for me and not for others. Much more saving for others! "Mom, you've got to be kidding!" says CMK years ago. But she's right. Everything can be learned, and that includes giving a portion of what you have to the less fortunate ones.
Bring a sandwich and give it to your receptionist or security guard, perhaps? Or set aside a Php 50 per week then buy some groceries for your household help? I'm sure that it will put a smile on their faces. And from the BIG GUY up there. Related Articles: Click HERE (Early Christmas Thoughts) and Click HERE (Of Orphans and Angels).

 Springboard #4:  Write a book.
Out of all the springboards, this is the most neglected one. And woe is me! Hah! But, I will try to redeem myself this year. I've been visiting some potential publishing house websites that can make this dream a reality. 

You know what's keeping me from pursuing this goal? I once thought it's lack of time or "there's-so-many-books-the-last-thing-the-world-needs-is-another-book" mentality! 

When I thought about the hindrance long and hard, real reason revealed: 
I'm afraid to fail. But hey, "I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength." Isn't it? 

At the very least, I should TRY. I have a working title. Loads of ideas. Even bullet points for each chapter. Lastly, I have one sure-fire buyer. Thanks Dad! :))  I'll be making time for this as I desire to share my thoughts with you amazing people! At one point in my life, I've asked "Is it the right time to write?" click HERE.

 Springboard #5: Manage time wisely.
I tend to drift specially when I love what I'm doing. But I've heard someone said: True strength is doing what you know is right even when you really don't want to. OUCH! That hit me hard. I'd like to master my time rather than lack of time getting the best of me. It may sound so basic but this is an area of my life where I need to impose a self-discipline. Last thing I want to suffer is this... Tyranny of the Urgent click HERE.

What's your springboard list this year? It wouldn't hurt to go back to that child in us. Like jumping each New Year's Eve in the hope that we'll grow an inch. Be a child once in a while. It's fun. Beyond words. -CMK


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