Wednesday 30 January 2013


There are some days that you want to be ultra-pampering. Days when you want to hit the shower and perform all your rituals you've been shooing for so long. I've had one of those days recently. Perfect time to use the product I got from Watsons not so long ago. Argan Oil is sorta creating a buzz for quite sometime now and beauty enthusiasts may have tried a skin/hair/body care containing this magic potion.

Chemical treatments have been proven to weaken (or worse, damage) one's hair.  This is why most professional experts recommend all-natural products to their clients. One of the many benefits argan oil delivers include healthier scalp and strengthened strands.

☺Extra-oil? Checked! We don't want excessive oil on our faces,
 but would welcome those to our crowning glory.
Product has a bordering smooth and silky feel. Like!
☺Economical. Tiny scoop does a fairly nice coverage. However, 
if you want to lavish them some more, much better.
☺My kind of smell. There's a hint of woody and vanilla-ish sniff.
Another plus point! 

I have one wishful thought though.

☻I find it weird but it seems that my digi-permed hair looks straighter after 
using the product. First time I used this, it freaked me out in the fear that this 
was a case of oversight (that this might be for straight hair) but no, I re-read the 
package and it says for all hair types.

If not for my weird feelings on the wishful thought section, 
I would've tried the other variants. However, given the 
rich supply of other brand lines, might as well 
explore other 'fishes in the ocean'. -CMK

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  1. Hi! How often should one use this mask? The frequency isn't indicated on the container. Thank you!

    1. Hi! I use it once a week. Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. finally found a cheap product for my hair! do you still use this Miss K? too much hair fall bothers me every time I take a bath po eh, just from the roots yung pagkabunot niya :( as in super dami talagang nalalagas na buhok, then after drying it up with bath towel, kapag naman po sinuklay, wahhh!!! isang kumpol. weak yung pagkakakapit ng buhok ko sa scalp. eh twice pa nga lang po ako nakakapagpatreat ng hair, so would you recommend this po ba to me?

  3. I'm currently using this one. I frequently color my hair and love to try different at-home hair treats and the thing i love about this one is that the scent lasts for days. The awful scent of hair dyes are instantly gone (and i mean instantly!). But... it makes my hair dry and the texture stiff. I need to use conditioner pa after rinsing this product off my hair.
    Anyway thanks for making a review about this product. At least may nabasa kong ibang opinion about this product. More power on ur blog! :)


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