Friday 25 January 2013


Greenbelt, Makati Philippines - After another week of work, Maya and I headed to The Spa to try their latest service offering. 

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We were greeted to another room (not the ones we usually go when we have a Swedish massage). Room was oh so relaxing. Dim light. Lazy couch. Zen sounds. Gahhh.. If only I can visit this haven each day before and after work, that would be AWESOME! 

Regular Price: Php 550
Duration: 1 hour
Exclusion: Wet floor usage (sauna, bathroom facilities)
Type: Mixture of foot, body and head massage. 

☺ Ambiance. Minute you step in their haven, you'll feel that you stepped into a different dimension. As I've mentioned in my intro, all the zen details are there. No more, no less.
☺Famous Ginger Tea. Ahh.... I think I'll be coming back for this again and again. Never a tea person (I prefer coffee, thank you!) but this smoking goodness is hard to resist. Up to now, I'm still groping for words on how to describe this spicy, tangy, sweet cup of tea.
☺The Lazy Bed. Spa is never complete without a good bed or recliner.
☺Masseuse was super nice. I was more than glad to give her a tip. She deserves it! :)
☺Price. Php 500 for one hour of bliss. Hey, this is it sulit!

Our attendant offered us a hot tub where we can sink our feet into. It was timely and relaxing. Perfect way to begin the treatment. Next, we've been treated with a foot spa. Salient points of our toes and legs have been squished (nicely), massaged and so on. After which, massage focused on our back part. Another favorite. Then the head massage. Lastly, we were asked to lie face down for some stretching. 

☻ Receptionist could have been more approachable. No issues whatsoever, yet, I noticed that ates (masseuse) are waaay friendlier than the people on reception table. Standing on a customer's perspective, it feels like you're disturbing their conversation the minute you approach their station. Would be nice if they were more pleasant. #JustSaying
☻ An option to be undressed (with The Spa robe, of course) might be a good idea for folks who wish to feel every pressure. If there's a pressure I'd be craving -- this is that pressure!

It's worth it. Worth trying and worth coming back for!

Thank you ate for your magic touch! -CMK



  1. I hope this is still open. I wanna treat my mom here soon :)

  2. I wanna try their Loft Miss K :) Kaso sa The fort lang po meron nun eh :/

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