Monday 8 October 2012


CMK with Mr. Mon and Gladz
Ms. Jel of YABU invited me (plus a friend) to have a lunch at Yabu. It's been raining too often that same week, which led me to think if I can make it or what. With my friend's (Zen) go-go vibe, together we agreed to schedule our girly lunch date on a Thursday. And we're both glad we did!

Ms. Jel has been so kind to confirm our lunch reservation, I chose Yabu Megamall Atrium since it's the most accessible branch from where I live.

Commercial Break: Had I known that it will only take 5-10 mins walk from Shaw Boulevard MRT (to Mega) - I would've taken that route rather than taking the bus. Let's just put it this way, without your trusty car, MRT is the 2nd most lovable transpo ever. (Read: No Traffic) ☺

Yabu's Megamall place was jam packed that lunch time. Me and Zen had to wait for a bit. That's cool - as they say, restaurants with waiting queue means the food is really good! Ambiance was oriental and minimalist. Very Japanese. 

Wines are neatly arranged in a wall cellar. Condiments are arrayed on the right side of each table. Noteworthy to mention that the customers are from all walks of nation. A  big giveaway that many people hearts Japanese dishes.

Another cool thing you need to do before you eat? To crush the sesame seeds! ☺ I was such a novice that I didn't know what's this for but this is for your special sauce. They have sesame seeds, himalayan salt (aka healthiest salt) and authentic Japanese spices. Forget chemical packed condiments and make way for a fresh-hot-off-the-mortar-and-pestle kind of sauces!

KATSU means fried. TON means pork. Hence the term Tonkatsu. I'm amazed how good a katsu can get. That's just the start. They serve a whole lot more than Tonkatsu. Let these pictures do the talking:

I got the Chicken and Seafood Katsu Set. It has Chicken, Black Tiger Prawn, Squid, Oyster (talaba), Eggplant & Pepper. And may I add - their SHREDDED CABBAGE is my favorite! It's unlimited so if you want to skip their rice (which is DIFFICULT by the way, but this time will power triumphed) -- their cabbage is heaven. I sprinkled their sesame garlic dressing (see the picture just above, leftmost side) - and that's it sulit!

Chicken and Seafood Katsu Set


Zen got their best seller set. What's different was you can get to choose which part (of Katsu)  you want to have. How cool is that? They have the most tender part. Couple it with miso soup and fruit cutlets - healthy lunch just got better!

Yabu's Best Seller.

Katsu Sets range from Php 290 to 475. To me, YABU is a delightful Japanese food fest experience. Quality Food. Superb Customer Service. Detailed Oriental Cooking. And yes, I can't get enough of their Japanese dressing! Took me a while to get over it. ☺

Next time you and your friends are thinking of Japanese food tripping, why don't you guys head to YABU? 
Here are some details for your convenience:

Like YABU on Facebook by clicking HERE.
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Know more about YABU by clicking HERE.
YABU is located at:  2nd floor of Megamall Atrium and L G/F of Robinsons Magnolia.
Coming soon at: SM MOA!

That's it for today. Guess who's turning Japanese? (^^). Moshi moshi! -CMK.



  1. I've eaten @ Yabu twice, both on Yabu Mall of Asia. The first time I dine, I ordered Korobuta Premium Set and my friend chose Katsu Curry Set. Their Katsu was really delicious. It's very crispy outside but very moist inside. Their cabbage with sesame dressing was my favorite. the dressing turns the ordinary cabbage into something you can't get enough :) With this good experience at Yabu the next time I came back I brought my mom with me. She also enjoys the delicious Yabu meal :)

    I'm not a big jap fan but after dining at Yabu, I'm starting to love it;)

    1. Hi Gers! Thanks for dropping by. Oh yes! I didn't eat anything with mayo except in Yabu. They definitely bring Japanese Food Experience into the next level. ♥

  2. OMO! this made me swallow my own saliva :O then I noticed what it's lunch time already.-_- it isn't a great idea to look on these scrumptious foods when hungry. Stop me from eating my monitor! >:D

  3. Looks delish!! I love yabu! Nakakagutom post mo! Heheheh!


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