Thursday 4 October 2012


 When was the last time you tried ate something new?
Picture this: You and your friends assembled in Powerbooks Greenbelt,
or any meeting place, then a million dollar question sprang (as usual).
"Let's eat! Where?!"
And the penny for your thoughts answer came abruptly,
"Kahit san! (Anywhere)"
And then the words "Kaw na Bahala! (You decide)" 
flew across the conversation.

This blog post is a subtle attempt to address that foodie concern.
It will always, always depends on your preference
but may this countdown help you decide on what you really want to try.

♣ Top 1: Spicy Seafood Pasta from French Baker. 
Php 210, Tried it in French Baker, MOA
Suits you best on a lunch or dinner meeting. 
Its spicy flavor comes from pepper and tabasco, 
manageable if you'll ask me. There are whole shrimp, 
mussels and squids. The choice between 3 different pasta types 
has made this dish more interesting. 

♣ Top 2: Dulce Cheesecake from Contis.  
Php 85.00, Tried it in Contis, Greenbelt 
Caramel flavored light cheesecake on graham
 crust with a layer of caramel mousse and whipped cream.
You'll notice that I've tasted almost all of Contis cakes,
simply because they're yummy and price-friendly.
This new offering won't escape my taste buds 
and is currently my cheesecake favorite.
Perfect with their brewed coffee (Php 60.00). 

♣ Top 3: Pad Thai and Spring Rolls from Oodys.  
Pad Thai Chicken = Php225.00, Fried Spring Rolls = Php 150.
Tried it in Oodys, Greenbelt
Trivia: Soi (in Robinsons Manila and other malls)
is a sister company of Oodys. Looks can be deceiving,
if you think these combo won't fill you in, think again.
I always ended up asking the waiter to wrap 
my leftovers because my tummy is already full tank.

♣ Top 4: Tiramisu Cheesecake from Contis.  
Php 95.00, Tried it in Contis, Greenbelt.
Coffee and liquor infused light cheesecake 
with chocolate mousse rosettes 
and whipped cream to enhance the flavor.
That's how Contis describe it. 
Very nice but I find it a bit too sweet. I like Dulce cheesecake better.

♣ Top 5: Brewed Coffee with Vanilla Milk Sauce.  
Php 78.00+, Tried it in Robinsons, Manila
You've seen this on a separate post. Click HERE.
Brewed coffee takes the main stage here.
Since we're looking for something new, why don't you try just that,
a whole, new steaming idea! -CMK



  1. will definitely try contis! I love cheesecakes. Do they have oreo? :)

    1. Yes they do! All their cheesecakes are uber worth it! Yum! ♥

  2. I am about to buy a cake from contis today and was looking for a the best flavor to buy from them aside from mango bravo! Then i saw this review and i saw my comment at the bottom! Way back 2012! Guess i will always visit your blog cmk! Now, shall i go for dulce cheesecake? :)


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