Monday 17 September 2012

Let's Move & Let's Love

90+ Days to go before Christmas Day. 
I think it's a high time for us to move and love.
I've been contemplating these things the past days, 
and I feel the need to tick these action items off my list before saying goodbye to 2012! 

* Visit my favorite orphanage.  
Home for the Angels is a shelter for the babies who are thought (by their moms) to be aborted. 
Fortunately - they were born with a condition, that they'll be left in the orphanage.
We're not allowed to take any pictures of the babies (0-2 y/o) but they are all adorable :)

* Treat my mom to a sort-of all expense paid out-of-country trip. 
It's been so long since we have that mom and daughter bonding.

* Host a kiddie party for the less fortunate kids.
Complete with mascot, balloons, the works!

Money in the world can't buy the smiles of these little ones. :)

* Lastly - host a mini-makeover fashion sleepover for my cousins.

Don't you love all the loves and moves a human heart can make?

Let's Love and Let's Move campaign can be sniffed too! Click on:

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  1. Since NSTP is a part of the our curriculum, I had the chance to visit an orphanage. I forgot the name of the orphanage but it's near Tayuman station. My heart just melted when I see those babies who just wants a hug or someone to hold them. I should visit there soon since Christmas is approaching again :)


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