Tuesday 18 September 2012


April 2012. That was the time I attempted to go and try the newest exercise craze in town - Planaforma. However, it was only last Saturday (8th of September, to be exact) that the plan materialized. Thanks to Maya for accompanying me on this fun ordeal!

I'll be honest, I was afraid that the practice would be too exhausting for my baby fats. Teehee! Seriously, I don't want to over-exercise my body [at once] maybe because I have too many commitments that I can't afford to miss the fun stuff.

When I first step into the studio, I thought I was on a hotel lounge. We were greeted by Planaforma's nice attendants at the reception hall. Having read some reviews and their site, I felt like I have an idea on what's in store for me. Or that was what I thought!

"Get 2 dumbbells" said Allen our instructor. 
"One heavy, another light." she continued.
I asked Maya, "I can see only 4lbs. Don't they have 2lbs?" 
Then we laughed secretly. 
Good thing there were no 2 side by side slots available, else, 
Maya and I will end up laughing at each other which is a no-no.

The rest was one sweaty, muscle wrenching, stress-releasing event.

Planaforma to a healthier YOU!
There's a background music. Unlike Bikram yoga which 
encourages deep concentration (click HERE)
Planaforma is an upbeat exercise, the music will turn you on.
☺Lots of movement variation. 
You won't be bored. That's guaranteed.
Up an inch. Practice promotes little but intense movement. 
And my baby fats are screaming ouch! Hoho!
☺Movements are difficult, but DOABLE. 
That's one part I love most. It's hard fine, 
but they are doable and like with most exercise, practice is a must.

COMFORT Room. Indeed!

They have towels, mats and ample amount of shower rooms.
I think that's essential. It promotes "just-in-time" exercise,
like when you have things to do afterwards, you don't have to hassle
yourself out and bring all those big exercise stuff.
Exercise rooms are somehow small. Not sure but maybe
they encourage exercising in small groups. 
I can't seem to see the instructor for some parts 
(i.e. when we're lying, and there's no mirror for me to see her).


I'll be coming back for that much needed exercise.
It's fun. Far from easy. But it's a healthy regimen. So bring it on!

Price: Php 650 each session
Note: They provide unlimited one month package for Php 3,000 for first timers.
Duration: 55 minutes

Website: http://forma-asia.com/
Follow them on Twitter: Click HERE
Like them on Facebook: Click HERE
Benefits: Flexibility. And you'll have a sound sleep. Promise.Heheh >:)

Your body is your number one investment. Health is wealth! -CMK.

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