Friday 14 September 2012


Peplum. Love. Fresh.
Year 2012 is indeed a year when we fully embraced the peplum trend.
Before, this is one of the trends I swore not to wear. But. I was wrong.
I've tried to search what Peplum means but I find the available meanings too serious,
so to put it simply, peplum means frills around your waist!

Special thanks to my good friend Annie who took my outfit shot 
while we're at SM Mall of Asia, just before we attend 
Manila International Book Fair 2012 at SMX (click HERE).

Orange Scarf Print Blouse from The Landmark, Makati
Peplum Blue Skirt from The Landmark, Makati
Longchamp Bag from Incheon (Korea) Duty Free (click HERE).
Caramel Wedge from Celine (my ever favorite ☺)
Note: Both top and skirt are bought for less than Php 400.00

So, how does one wear the peplum trend?
Easy, since peplum accentuates your asset,
you need to check if your top (shoulders) heavy or bottom (hips) heavy.

If you are top heavy, here's your fashion inspiration
(look at the black and pink ones, yellow one ~> avoid):

Yes, you need to draw attention away from the top,
hence flaunt your bottom.
Peplum Skirts should be your best friend.
Notice how an hour glass figure can be drawn with peplum skirts.

♣ Tip: Tops are generally meant be tucked in with this trend.
It would be awkward to hang loose your top 
because the peplum frills should be the center stage.

What about if you're bottom heavy?
Then, Peplum Top is meant to be your lucky charm.

There's so many styles to choose from.
Take a peek!

♣ Tip: Skinny bottoms are your best bet.
Just the same, it would be awkward to sport a baggy pants  
because your goal is to showcase the top frills.

I think Peplum trend is here to stay,
Remember: trendy clothes don't need to cost an arm and a leg,
as long as you look good on it,
I'd say that's all that matters!
Stay fab! -CMK


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  1. I like the peplum top. It's perfect for interviews with a touch of blazer I think or a day out with friends :)


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