Thursday 13 September 2012


Queen City of the South. That's Cebu, Philippines. Last Summer, me together with my family went down south to experience Cebu. Since it's airline sale fare season, you may want to book a ticket and visit Cebu. Just be aware that it can be totally hot during April - May months. Other than that - be sure to tick these 5 things to do when in Cebu!

Top 1 : Relax at Plantation Bay

Think of it as a complete country club for mother, father, brother, sister (no skip that brush their teeth tune). The breeze and lush pools will take you to the super happy zone. I personally like the following amenities : Pools (complete with hammock aka duyan and sun bathing chairs), Bikes, Beach front, exaggerated food platter (complete from appetizer to dessert). It is a 2-hour drive from Cebu City but it's worth it. You need to wear some form of a bracelet upon check in then relax all you want!

Top 2 : Skywalk at Crown Regency Hotel and Towers
To those of you craving for some adrenaline rush. Here's a perfect activity for you. My knees were literally shaking. Kuya was so nice to accompany us, but he's laughing and even took a picture when we were off-guard. He faked an out-of-balance fall then we just got that ULTIMATE SHOCK FACIAL EXPRESSION only to find out that his accomplice took a gaga shocked version pic of us! Talk about Just for Gags antics! Whew.

Top 3 : Get to Taste the famous CnT Lechon
Gastronomical feast? Why not try the most celebrated lechon in the country. The succulent and creamy taste of lechon will make you forget what your name is. And rumor has it, when we arrived at their mini-resto at around 5pm, we found ourselves haggling to get the last best piece. That's how 'celebrity' their lechons are!

Top 4 : Visit Magellan's Cross

History is now a reality! Remember when we're in 3rd grade? 1521. Magellan discovered the Philippines? This is the cross. We also visited various historical places and I'd say this is one of educational yet jam-packed trips I've ever had.

Top 5 : Shop and Dine - Queen City of the South way
Ayala Center Cebu. That's where I got my Clinique Happy Heart perfume (click HERE). Food trip is also very doable here. It's pretty much like Manila. They have IT hub (where BPO and call center companies reside). It feels like there's Greenbelt and SM and major malls there. You won't miss Makati much while you're in Cebu. But there's still a touch of rural feel. You can see that with the adobong kangkong pic - one that we had during our lunch buffet.

Except for the massive headache I had when flying back to Manila (I thought I'll be throwing up during the plane ride. Bad) - the experiences we had were nice and worth looking back. Travel is my way of life. Good or not so good experiences - I think it adds up to be a better me. A better Call.Me.Kristine (CMK).



  1. Thank you for including us in your list of Top 5 Things to do in Cebu. Good luck on your future travels!

    1. You are welcome! It's one of the most relaxing place on earth! ♥

  2. I am looking forward to our Cebu-Bohol field trip next semester. I will definitely keep all this in mind! :)


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